Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ghostbusters 3 - Harold Ramis Talks A Little More

During a recent interview with MTV Harold Ramis talked a little more about the next Ghostbusters movie, which is currently in the development/scripting stage. Ramis has yet to receive a first draft in hand but claims that he has been consulting with Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman (who both helped helm the original film) and something should come together soon.

Ramis confirmed that all of the original Ghostbusters will return for the third film, if it does happen, and that includes Bill Murray (Dr. Peter Venkman) who has always been publicly negative about being attached to a third installment in the past.

“We’re all going to be in it in different kinds of roles,” Ramis said. “We’re going to be the sage mentors. There are going to be young Ghostbusters.”

Personally I don't think you can get much better than the original Ghostbusters movie, it has to be one of my favourite flicks of all time and the sequel wasn't as bad as people made out either. I have a problem however with the idea of 'young Ghostbusters' and the original cast being their mentors. Yes it's obvious that there's no way you could think that the ageing actors from the first two movies could run around chasing ghosts nowadays but it could go very wrong with this 'passing the torch idea'. I say leave the franchise alone and let us enjoy the originals as classics with their iconic scenes and probably the catchiest movie tune ever performed...

You can't beat the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for one of the most unique and forever memorable visions of exquisite 80's movie history. (I still have my original 80's Stay Puft toy too. Gotta love that podgy git!)

Fabricated from Ray Stantz's mind by the demi-god Gozer as the ultimate destructor, the gargantuan Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appears from nowhere and stomps through the packed streets of downtown New York causing chaos and destruction underfoot while Ray describes to the Ghostbusters and the audience why Mr. Puft was a pleasant memory from his campside childhood and should have been no threat. The camera tracks Puft's blue sailor capped head flitting in and out of vision between each building top until he finally ends up at the base of Dana Barrett's building and looks up menacingly. He makes an ungodly roar and the Ghostbusters are literally crapping their boiler suits like never before. The scene is topped of perfectly with an outcry from Venkman: "Mother Puss-Bucket"!... Classic.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. "He just popped in there"!

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