Thursday, 30 April 2009

ASDA - X-Box 360 Arcade For £97 & DSI For £127!

As you may have read recently on this blog my beloved X-Box 360 had a relapse of the old 'red rings of death' a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately it wasn't still in warranty so I've been waiting to get a good deal on a brand new replacement console from somewhere.

Fate has been playing a lot of games with me recently and I've been finding things are falling in my lap, either for free or at discounted prices, if I only wait a little while... And so it came to pass that ASDA of all places had an advert in the Sun newspaper the other day that they are supplying the cheapest of the 360 bundles, the 'Arcade' (which is the basic console and wireless controller package, no hard drive etc), for £97. Considering that's about £27 less than anywhere else on the market at the moment I was highly impressed.

Added to that was the fact that the newly released Nintendo DSI is also down in price to £127 from £145... Bargains all round. (And don't tell my eldest daughter that she's got one for her birthday next month!)

The Nintendo DSI in white or black £127!

Suffice to say I snapped up a 360 through the online ASDA site and should have it plugged in and ready to play Left 4 Dead by the weekend.

The deals only run until 12 midnight on Monday the 4th of May so get one quick if you want one!

New Night At The Museum 2 Trailer

One of the upcoming movies that the Kryptonianwarrior household are definitely looking forward to is Night at the Museum 2 - Battle of the Smithsonian.

Here's the newest official trailer.

New G.I. Joe Trailer

French site Allocine has put up this brand new trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

There are French subtitles but don't let that detract you from the very cool video. I've heard a few bad things about this upcoming blockbuster, overacting, campness and dodgy special effects, but this trailer gets rid of those fears... for now!

Plus d'infos sur ce film

New Spawn And Roger Rabbit Movies Possible?

Both Todd McFarlane and Robert Zemeckis were separately interviewed recently on their upcoming projects and both released some interesting info...

McFarlane said that he's toying with producing another Spawn movie in the not too distant future, but this time he wants to tone it down a bit and "keep it down, keep it dark, keep it grungy,".

He stated that "It's not a 'comic book movie,' it's just a scary movie, a creepy movie. Everything's real except for one element, which happens to be the character we know as Spawn. So it's not going to be super villain vs superhero or any of that stuff, it's just going to be a 'tight' movie."

Sounds awesome! NOT! Yeah the previous movie sucked but to tone it down is to sign the new movie's death warrant before it even gets made... Just my opinion however. It may be really good... NOT!!!

However in other, more interesting news, Zemeckis is thinking of reviving that "Bunny with the ultra hot cartoon wife"; Roger Rabbit. He told MTV recently "I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability—the digital tools, performance capture—I'm starting to think about Roger Rabbit,"

Robert Zemeckis' last 3 films have been primarily CGI and as the ground breaking, and frankly highly enjoyable, 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit did so well at the box office it's not surprising that he'd think of revisiting Roger & friends for a sequel.

One question: Would they still use Kathleen Turner for the voice of Jessica Rabbit? I mean no offence to the lady, she used to be dead hot (Romancing the Stone anyone?), but after playing Chandler's transsexual Dad in Friends can we ever find her, or her gravel fueled voice, sexy again?

New Pic Of Megan Fox From Transformers 2

Do I really need a reason to post a picture of Megan Fox anymore? No I don't... But here she is in all her wonderous beauty in a new pic from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

Star Trek Perfumes Boldly Go...

An Emerald Knight Post

Found these cool ‘Star Trek’ perfumes online.

Ever wondered what ‘expendable’ smells like?

How about ‘chauvinism’?

'Human’s experiencing puberty' … well that’s not a scent you’d care to bottle, but Vulcans apparently wiff fantastic during their 7 year cycle. I suppose they’d have to, if they don’t get it on at the end, they die!

(I love the tag line for 'Red Shirt'. "Because tomorrow may never come". How many red-shirted Star Trek extras actually died in the original series?! Answers on a postcard please!) KW

Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal T-Shirt...

The Emerald Knight pointed this t-shirt out to me online today so I thought I'd post it up for all to see.

Produced by Quantum Mechanix as part of its ongoing Serenity licensed product releases, this awesome brown top features two cream coloured Dinosaurs with a small Serenity logo and a speech bubble saying "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal". As most browncoats, or even run of the mill fans will know this is derived from the scene in the Serenity movie where Wash is playing with a couple of plastic Dino's and utters this classic line.

Available now from all good stockists (including this t-shirt is a must-have item for all Firefly/ Serenity fans out there!

Star Wars Themed Disney Posters Rock!

An Emerald Knight Post

Hi all,

Emerald Knight here. Came across these FAN-tastic whimsical "backstage" posters Disney have devised to promote awareness of Star Wars 2009 events amongst its employees! It’s a crying shame that these images are not generally made available to Joe public.

Props to for the original posting!

1. Get a taste for the Darkside (Storm Trooper chowing down on a Mickey Mouse choc-ice)

2. Meet Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Drawn)

3. You must be this tall to ride (Ewoks)

4. You really should try to squeeze it in (Gammorean Guard)

Cancelled Before Their Time

A Dark Knight Post


What's wrong with sci-fi and fantasy shows today? Are we expecting more, or are they just not what they used to be? I personally think it's the fact that we have so much high end sci-fi that we just can't watch everything and the ratings monster chews up those that are bringing up the rear.

Here are a few shows that were classic sci fi, but were felled by the network ratings monster!!

ENTERPRISE: anyone that fails to admitt that this was classic TREK with an awesome cast needs to be shot...yes it had its flaws, but that's what made it great. AND YES, some of its appeal was down to Jolene Blalock and her

FIREFLY: another great cast put together by WHEDON (of BUFFY and ANGEL fame) but amazing story lines and great effect. Cut short before it had a chance to really give some massive stories, but still managed as great Hollywood movie....bring on SERENITY 2!!!

TERMINATOR TSCC: I can't really say much about this show, still hurts too much that it's pretty much dead and buried. It had two beautiful actresses in it, great cast, intriguing stories and great effects. The series finale was leading to a great time jumping third season, but it was just not to be I guess. Oh well (tear!!!)

STARGATE ATLANTIS: you evil sods!!! how can you cancel STARGATE!!! It's just not human......this was awesome. Yeah, OK, it took a season to build up, but then you let it get great before you kick the legs out from under it. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

ALIAS: JJ Abrahms at his best.....a great twisted series, which they tried to wrap up in 1 episode.....not a good ending, or a fitting one for a great series.

and last but my no means least.......

JERICHO: I loved this show. I cheered when the second, although very short season was announced. Great cast, tear jerking moments, great effects, and a brilliant story which fits so well into modern history......I'll just keep my fingers, toes, and everything else crossed that the movie hits the cinema's or DVD soon.

Message to the networks.................. WISE UP!! Stop your fascination with reality shows and crap. Listen to the people that watch your shows, and realise that modern technology has something to do with the ratings....DVR recorders allow busy people to watch these great shows when they can't catch the air time or date.

More in the firing line.

HEROES: leave it the F**K alone. It's great, it always has been, OK it got a little bit lost but don't all great shows at one time in their lives. I'll get very very angry if it doesn't come back, and you won't like it if I'm angry...

LOST: Again, leave it. JJ Abrahms has a vision, and it must be left to play out. I will be angry if it gets cancelled without answering the question....WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!


Heroes Finale... OH MY GOD! (Spoilers)

A Dark Knight Post


Oh sorry, I'm sure a large portion of you haven't as BBC2 haven't screened it yet. GUTTED, it was awesome....only a few days now.

Won't spoil it just yet, but suffice to say, nothing's gonna be the same again....and nice to see a return to form...................

But poor HIRO..........oops...........and SYLER...........damn it, I'm just gonna shut up now before i get hurt!

I'll give you my full opinion after the UK air date.

here's the trailer to wet your appetite.

(Don't watch it if you don't like spoilers... although it'd be difficult to tell 'exactly' what happens here) KW

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies...

A Dark Knight Post

Hello loyal readers....

I'm back with news for all zombie fans. Not only do we have a new movie from the master GEORGE ROMERO, but there's still a buzz that we may get a sequel to the excellent remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD from the brilliant ZACK SNYDER. Not sure about whether any of the surviving cast from the remake will surface, or whether the current global recession with stop it before it starts, but my fingers are crossed for something as awesome as SNYDER'S last attempt (Watchmen).

More ROMERO news and pics at

On set with George Romero's Isle of the Dead

I've always loved the genre, but recently there have been some outstanding contributions to the mythos......even video games have widened the audience. We've had RESIDENT EVIL for ages, but then we had the truly classic DEAD RISING with sooooooo many nods to ROMERO, it was a little sickening. Now we have not only a great zombie game, a superb first person shooter, but also probably the best co op game I have ever played in my life; LEFT 4 DEAD.

Anyone that has played this game knows what I mean when I say how awesome it is....I can't really describe how addictive and playable it is too.......It's on XBOX 360, PC, and PS3, so it you haven't played it GET IT NOW!

The awesome Left 4 Dead

HERE are some zombie related clips to get you in the mood for some gory zombie slaying!!!

(Beware: 18+ scenes!) KW

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I Just Had To Do It... The Turtles Intro

I'm sorry Crimson but I had to add this one too... Is it sad that I was sitting here singing the theme tune to the video? I stll remember every word!!!

The Crimson Blur's 10 Favourite Cartoon Intro's

A Crimson Blur Post

Hi all, Crimson here.

I was thinking the other day how kids cartoons are basically, in nice words, not good as they used to be... So I was thinking it would be really cool to see what other people think and if you want to please list down your top five or send links to the intros. I have posted my top 10, let me know what you think.

Hope you have fun watching these!

Catch ya later

(I can't believe you don't have Turtles here Crimson! Gotta have the Turtles in a top 10! But Jesus do these bring back memories for me!) KW

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mel B In A Bikini Confuses Me...

Continuing my female focused posts this evening I thought I'd comment on this pic I found of Spice Girl Mel B (Scary Spice).

Now, jokes about her being 'scary' in this pic aside I am shocked at the shape Mel is in. Those rock hard abs are amazing and daunting at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I think she's always been gorgeous and feminine, in fact I personally think she's always been the best looking one from Spice Girls (I frickin hate Victoria Beckham and I'm not too keen on the rest of them really) but she's looking like she could snap a grown man in two here!

Sorry to seem crude but when a woman is this physically toned and built can you imagine doing the nasty and staring down at those washboard abs? It'd turn most men's tent pole's into wet noodles in five seconds flat... And you better believe she'd be able to bitch-slap you right through the bedroom wall if that happened!

Aaaaaaanyway, I just thought I'd convey my shock at seeing Mel in such a fit state, I knew she was toning up from the recent Ultimo lingerie photo shoot (below) and you can see her abs, but that pic really shows them up. Good on you girl, you put most men, let alone women, to shame ;)

Mel B looking stunning for he Ultimo lingerie shoot. Fit, but not like above.

Cheryl Cole Is FHM's Sexiest Woman 2009

It's that time again when hormonal male readers of FHM ('For Him Magazine' for the uninitiated) have voted in their droves for who they think should wear the virtual crown of the World's most beautiful woman of the year.

This year the winner is Cheryl Cole, arguably the hottest and most prolific member of UK pop group Girl's Aloud.

I'm a huge fan of Cheryl's (and the rest of Girl's Aloud for that matter, especially Sarah) and she'd definitely be on my top 3 of the World's most beautiful women but how did the rest of these girls get into the top 10?

Usually you'll find that it's girls who have been in the spotlight recently, who's pictures have been all over the magazines and papers almost ever day, who's faces, and bodies, have been in the collective consciousness and who's antics have been the subject of conversations over lunch or a beer down the pub numerous times and for long periods.

I, more than most I might add, understand why some of these girls are listed and why they've obviously obtained substantial votes in their favour, but I disagree wholeheartedly with this years selection. I'm not going to say who should be in there because most will just moan at me and say they're boring, or have been there before, but although I can agree with the top 3 in a way the rest are a mystery to me...

Either way the votes have been counted and this is who the nation, nay the World, have been dribbling over recently. Mrs Cole we bow to your new royal status as Queen of the FHM babes... Let's hope the other band members aren't the jealous types eh?!

Here are a few reasons Cheryl was number 1 this year

New Megan Fox Pics From The Set Of Jonah Hex

I don't think it's physically possible for Megan fox to not look hot... Even when she's dressed in the most God-awful get-up...

Here are two images of 'The Fox' herself dressed as what can only be described as a 'Wild West Ho' (in the first pic at least). I'm not interested in Jonah Hex whatsoever but I'll watch it simply for Megan's part... such is the power she holds over me... ;)

Amanda Peet To Join Gulliver's Travels

The hotness that is Amanda Peet will be joining Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel and possibly Catherine Tate in the 2010 live action movie 'Gulliver's travels'.

The modern retelling of Jonathan Swift's classic story follows travel writer Lemuel Gulliver, who heads to an assignment in the Bermuda Triangle only to end up on the secret island of Lilliput, home to a population of industrious tiny people.

Amanda is thought to be playing Black's editor and potential romantic interest. Filming started last month and should be set for release around June 2010.

Not too sure how good this will be, and I've never been much of a Jack Black fan, but it should have some interesting special effects and has Blunt and now Peet starring, so I could like it!

For now here's a few Amanda Peet pics to peruse...

3 Cool Star Wars Products From

Thanks to Jedi Master Nads for e-mailing me these 3 cool Star Wars themed products currently on pre-sale from

Click on the name of the product under each image to go directly to the FP page.

Star Wars - Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite Statue
RRP £239.99 FPI Price £176.99
Save: 26% off

Star Wars - Pewter Chess Set
RRP £599.99 FPI Price £499.99
Save: 17% off

Star Wars - Darth Talon Mini Bust
RRP £59.99 FPI Price £42.99
Save: 28% off

Frank Welker Now Confirmed As Voice Of Soundwave in Trans II

A Crimson Blur Post

Hi all,

This is just a TRANSFORMERS II update.

It has finally been confirmed that the sequel will have another famous voice from the original classic G1 cartoon. Frank Welker has been cast to re-do the famous vocals for Soundwave which will be very cool as he was one of my favourite characters from the cartoons.

Now I don’t know how much we will see of Soundwave, but hopefully it’s enough to hear him say "RAVAGE – OPERATION INTERFERENCE" (how cool would that be?!!!)

Now if you've never heard of Frank Welker you may well remember some of the voices he's done on some popular cartoons you may of seen in the past, such as:

* Scooby Doo – Fred
* Transformers – Megatron and Soundwave
* Inspector Gadget – Dr. Claw ETC…

(Take a look at Frank's IMDB page HERE, it's frickin amazing seeing the voices he's done in the past and the programmes and films he's been involved in)! KW

That’s all from me at the mo, I'm going for a run now to see if what else I can find out.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Wicked Custom Mighty Muggs By B.A.L.D

Whilst perusing e-bay this evening, searching for a few outstanding Mighty Muggs for my colossal collection (72 separate MM's and counting) I came across a few custom versions that some artistic individuals have painted up themselves to resemble characters not included in the Hasbro roster or licenses.

Now as you'll know I'm an avid collector and fan of unique collectibles and artwork based on anything I love in the comics, T.V and movie categories. A couple of days back I posted about some awesome My Little Pony custom work so I thought I'd share the equally awesome work of B.A.L.D (Breaking Another Level Design).

I came across B.A.L.D's wicked Voltron Mighty Mugg on e-bay and followed a link back to their MySpace page which held numerous pics of all his/ their work.

I've included a load of images below (click to see larger versions) but feel free to visit B.A.L.D's MySpace page through this LINK and see what else this talented designer has created. Just follow the 'pics' option and go to 'custom Mighty Muggs' for the original images posted below.

I can't tell you how many of these custom's I want in my collection!!!