Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Death Of David Tennant's Dr.Who Revealed In "The End Of Time" *SPOILERS*


Well, well, well... As if we didn't figure it out already (I know I did long before the rumours started surfacing) the death of David Tennant's Dr. Who will be at the hands of none other than THE MASTER played by John Simm.

A video at the San Diego Comic Con gave fans the biggest geeky goose bumps of their life as they were treated to an ominous trailer (seen below) for the upcoming Chrsitmas finale "The End of Time" where not only do we get to see that Donna Noble and her family will be returning (woo hoo!), but also Ood Sigma and The Master are also back...

The Dr. Who panel confirmed that Tennant's term as the Doctor will come to an emotional end at the hands of Simm's Master ("HE RETURNS") and that Ood Sigma will play a significant part in the Doctor's "death" and regeneration into Matt Smith.

There seems to be a running theory on the web that the Doctor won't be able to regenerate properly by himself as he used a portion of his regeneration powers up creating the Meta-Crisis Doctor (the other David Tennant that was half Doctor, half Donna, and ended up with Billie Piper's Rose in the alternate dimension). If this is indeed true, and the rumours are also true that Ood Sigma actually knows in advance what's going to happen to the Doctor and is going to help him (is he "The Watcher" reincarnated, the character that helped Doctor number 4 to regenerate way back in Tom Baker's reign?), then we should see a unique transformation scene by the end of the episode... Oh and a though here: If Ood Sigma's eyes are red (as they are in the video) does that mean someone's controlling him? Interesting thought...

David revealed: "The final stories are very emotional. The story takes you to places that the Doctor can't go on a regular basis. That's, from an actor's point of view, hugely challenging and liberating and exciting. It's thrilling that we get to make people cry."

David also lifted the lid on the why the Doctor is so intent on saving the human race from disaster. He said: "He has to make the hard choices, and he's riddled with remorse for what happened to his people, and the part he played in that, which we'll learn a little bit more about before I disappear.

"He's tortured, and he travels time and space trying to make it better...but some of the side effects of that are not as we'd wish them."

He went on to say that the fact that the Doctor is "the last of his kind, or nearly the last of his kind," will "come back in a big way in the final stories."


Here's the dodgy copy of the SDCC trailer on Youtube. It's crappy, but it gave me the chills nonetheless!


Kelly Jeanette Swift said...

OMG!Chills!!!!I'm so glad I found your blog. I love Dr. Who. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

YEH!!!!cant wait for this

it is on tonight

Alison Parker; Department of Occult Investigation said...

It's a shame it turned out to be a story of two halves. The first, overlong, dull and confused. The second, far more coherent and focused; still with weaknesses but not the disaster it threatened to turn out as.

Bye, DT. You were great while you lasted but I get the feeling that, when it comes to portraying and alien, Matt Smith might just top you.