Thursday, 2 July 2009

More Star Wars From Jedi Master Nads...

Jedi Master Nads is back again with a few Star Wars related items this week.

New Slave Leia Action Figure Coming Soon

As you're all aware by now Jedi Master Nads has a wee obsession with Slave Leia, aka Princess Leia in a gold bikini, and collects just about anything he can find that represents her in that costume. This new Leia action figure sculpt from The Legacy Collection - Return of the Jedi Wave 10 (formally wave 8) is unique in that not only do you get the standard articulated figure but also an interchangeable lower body with pre-posed seated/ lounging legs reminiscent of her pose on Jabba's sail barge.
I have to admit to not really being a fan of this new figure from what we can see here (image provided by but I'm sure it'll be in JMN's collection before we know it!

G4 Comic Con Live Star Wars Special Update #2!

Over at the newest information about the G4/ Lucasfilm Comic Con Live Star Wars Special is now up. This is new information on top of what we posted recently about the event and gives few more tantalising details for fans attending the event or waiting to see the broadcast on G4. Wish I was going! Visit the link HERE

Star Wars - Carrie Fisher's New Co-Star Sick After Intimate Scenes!

Most Star Wars geeks would probably hack off their own arm to get an intimate moment with ex Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher but recently Eddie Hogg, Fisher's co-star in new movie 'White Lightning' embarrassed himself slightly when he threw up after one of their sex scenes! Luckily it wasn't because he found her unattractive in her 'older-age' but due to the fact that the re-filming of one of their scenes where he drunk from a Champagne bottle had to be re-shot a number of time and he ended up consuming 3 whole bottles by the end of it... Honking his guts up just after!
If you want to read the whole story take a look HERE on

Star Wars Tie Fighter Playhouse

It can safely be said that virtually every kid you know these days has grown up watching at least one of the six Star Wars movies, and chances are pretty good they’ve seen them all many times. Well, not everyone is going to grow up to be part of the Jedi, as these younglings aren’t too young to figure out that the Dark Side of the Force seems to hold a whole lot of promise and power. Well, here’s the TIE Fighter playhouse that ought to give your little ones plenty of fun imagining that they’re Darth Vader, shooting down Red One in the Death Star trench run. Sounds like £44.99 well spent for the upcoming summer. Find this item HERE at

The Women of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Even more tributes to the women of Star Wars are now up at and this time they're celebrating the original trilogy girls! Take a look at the link HERE and see a plethora of alien women including the delectable Princess Leia herself!

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