Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Little More Smallville Season 9 News & Tom Welling Pics

More news is starting to filter out into the web after Comic Con so here's a couple more bits of news:

Michael Rosenbaum seems set to reprise his role as Lex Luthor this coming season. The word on the ever-so-secret grapevine is that he's definitely returning for a few eps (to shock the fans seeing as he was killed of last season) but the actual creative team behind Smallville have only told the press that he's possibly coming back in season 10 (if there is one). They could be holding back to make his comeback garner more impact, but then again they could have honest issues with his scheduling or even where to add him in to the season (it would have to be a big return, not some blink and you'll miss it cameo).

We'll see very soon.

Usually I get my episode information from but has some insider info on episode 5 "Idol" where it seems "The Wonder Twins" might be featuring!

Their names have been changed from Zan and Jayna to Tanner and Twyler for the episode, but either way it looks like we might be hearing that old "Wonder Twin powers, activate!" chant... No idea what I'm talking about? Well The Wonder Twins were famous for their "Superfriends" cartoon exploits, informally training with the other team members in some of the episodes. They are siblings from the planet Exxor with special powers that are activated when they touch hands and say "Wonder Twin powers, activate!". Zan can transform into water at any state (solid, liquid, gas) and Jayna can transform into any animal, whether real, mythological, indigenous to Earth or to some other planet, like Beast Boy, so long as she knows the name.

News about the episode states:

- These two spray paint an "S" on the roof of a bad guy's limo, to catch the attention of their "idol," the Blur.
- Later, the duo visit the Watchtower and see all of the high-tech gear that Chloe has within. Jayna "Twyla" asks Chloe if she's actually met the Red Blue Blur, and if she is the Blur's sidekick. Chloe tells them that Watchtower provides support to all of the heroes of Metropolis. "Twyla" wants to tweet her "group" about what she has seen, and Chloe warns that if she says one word to anyone about it, any trace of her virtual existence will be evaporated.
- A sign of the current state of the Chloe-Clark interaction: Chloe tells them that "if you get good enough at it, one day you might find yourself saving your best friend, from an enemy, or even from himself....

No idea if this is true or not but I'll be interested to see if it's right.

If you're like AMAZON PRINCESS you probably have quite the soft spot for Tom Welling. If that's you too then you'll love this gallery over at where you'll find pics of Tom with and without his shirt on (mostly without).

Take a look HERE for the full gallery.

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