Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Steven Spielberg To Take Over Halo Movie?

OK, so this could well be every fanboys dream come true... Out of the hands of Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro, then on to District 9's director Neil Blokamp, then into obscurity... until now.

Reports have been rampant over the last few days that IESB have confirmed with with studio executives and their close ties to CAA that the news is legit.

Spielberg is currently working with Jackson on the new Tintin movie so it's not a far stretch of the imagination to believe that they at least talked about Halo... I mean this could very well be the biggest and best video game adaptation ever brought to screen (which will probably be preceded by Prince of Persia next year) so there's going to be mega-bucks involved, both for making the movie, and then when the studios are raking in the cash at the box office...

Spielberg is one of the most renowned directors and producers we've ever seen and everything he touches usually turns to gold (except maybe A.I.). Imagine his sci-fi cred going hand in hand with his war-based battle sequences (Saving Private Ryan anyone?) and then imagine the size and possible scope this movie could have? Imagine Master Chief and the Arbiter in a Steven Spielberg movie and praise the lord that miracles can happen. It was exciting enough when Peter Jackson became involved after his Lord of the Rings movies rocked the geek world!

Steven is a self proclaimed "big gamer" and recently appeared at E3 for Microsoft and was also "blown away" when he read Stuart Bettie's "Fall of Reach" script... sound like good news!

Soooo the question is: When do we get an official announcement and when is the movie now slated for release?

I'm thinking about the possibility of a Legend of Zelda movie... Peter Jackson for that? That would be awesome!

Oh, and just for kicks here are a couple of images of the real Halo Warthog vehicle that Weta Studios created when the original movie idea was pitched. This one of a kind custom made awesome-mobile was recently shipped over to Australia to promote the new Halo: ODST game...

Visit the Australian site HERE for all the info and the full gallery of images taken.

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