Friday, 25 September 2009

Heroes Season 4 (Volume 5) Premiere & Warehouse 13 Season 1 Finale - Thoughts (No Spoilers)

Right then, first of all I'm not going to give away any plot spoilers here as I believe both the season 4 (volume 5) opener for Heroes and the finale of Warehouse 13's season 1 need to be seen by you before I ruin anything.

First up is Heroes:

OH DEAR GOD... What the hell has happened to this once great series? I was obsessed with Heroes when it first aired. The writing was great, the characters were likable, the powers were cool and it was a programme that me and the missus would sit down and watch every week with a child-like enthusiasm because we had such faith in it. Even when things started to go downhill I played Devil's advocate and told everyone "don't worry, it'll get better", but now that I've watched the new season premiere I'm afraid my faith hasn't been rewarded at all. In fact about 75% of the way through the two-parter I actually said out loud to the missus "God I'm bored". Not a good sign at all from a geek like me.

I really do have hopes that this new season picks up and actually goes somewhere, but if that episode is anything to go by we really are screwed. I always seem to liken Heroes to Lost. People gave up on Lost during or after season 2 and didn't go back, but they were wrong to decide that. Lost picked itself back up and became an absolute must-watch bit of sci-fi T.V. and the upcoming last season has to be one of the most eagerly awaited returns in T.V. history. Heroes however hasn't got better. It seems as though the creators and writers just ran out of ideas even though the series had the money to continue. It doesn't have the flair or the edge it once had and that's a damned shame. I'll still watch the whole season, but I will do so without any expectations!

Now Warehouse 13:

Warehouse 13 is a record breaking sci-fi T.V. show. It was a little difficult to agree with that fact from the first episode of season 1 (don't get me wrong, I liked it a lot) but as the season went on, and more and more sci-fi show alumni actors appeared, it grew into something quite special. The two main characters are great and their chemistry and fun acting is spot on, the supporting characters are very likable, and the "artifact of the week" style of storyline isn't boring.

The finale is explosive and pretty shocking to say the least and with a major twist in the last few minutes you will not want to miss season 2. This is a new series I've grown to love, just like Fringe, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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