Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sean Connery Possibly Back For Indy V?

Back when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was being written we heard from George Lucas himself that Indy's dad had a part in it. He was so popular in The Last Crusade that everyone knew he just had to be in the future installments, if there would be any.

Unfortunately Sean Connery declined at that time stating that he was now retired and wouldn't want to return. In his place we got Shia Labeouf's Mutt Williams, son of Indy... Not the best of trades, no matter how much I actually like Shia as an actor.

But now that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are writing Indy V there are rampant rumours that the duo are going to coax Mr. Connery back into the acting saddle again... Can this really be true? I guess it would have to take a hell of a lot of money to get him back out of, what one can only assume, is a very comfortable retirement...

And yes, we all know that Henry Jones Snr is supposed to be dead by the events of Crystal Skull, but is he?

I believe, although I haven't re-watched the scene to know the exact words, that Indy never says that his dad died. He simply says that it's been rough recently, first with dad, and then Marcus. We assume he means his dad died (of course it's the only way to interpret that sentence and scene) but maybe Henry is lost? Maybe he's presumed dead? Or maybe we're only going to see him in a cameo flashback... Or, in keeping with the increasingly ridiculous supernatural/ sci-fi elements we're seeing from the franchise, Indy will find an artifact that will bring his dad back from the grave, or allow him to communicate with him?

I have no idea how they'll do it, or if he'll even appear, I mean if he didn't come back for IV (and it got some pretty harsh reviews) then would he really return for V?

This, as always, remains to be seen. Personally I'd like to see a cameo from Willie, Shortround and Sallah. Bring some old faces back like they did with Marion.

The important question on my mind now however is what the new mcguffin/ artifact will be this time round?

Will we see Indy chasing the Spear of Destiny? Excalibur? Atlantis? It certainly couldn't get any weirder that crystallised psychic body parts belonging to aliens from a different dimension, could it?

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