Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

A little Happy Halloween message to all the readers of this blog out there today!

Hope you all have a good one and are enjoying your spooky Oct 31st evening. Personally I'm introducing my kids to Ghostbusters tonight... They'll either like it or have nightmares for a month!

Love the Superman themed pumpkins above, awesome work and fitting for!


Sunday, 25 October 2009

London MCM October 2009 - Afterthoughts

Yesterday (Saturday the 24th) The Dark Knight and I attended the October 2009 London MCM (Movie, Comic, Media) Expo.

Below is a quick rundown of what we saw and who we met with a few pics to back it up.

Event Organisation

First thing I must say about the London MCM Expo is how badly organised the event is every single time we go. It's unbelievable to think that an event like this seems to have little to no pre-planning before the doors open, even down the point where the security don't know who they should be letting in and where, or the volunteer staff have no idea what's going on because no one has told them. It's a lack of fundamental foresight that we see every time we attend and simply can't comprehend. Every time we asked a member of the event staff a question they had no idea what we were talking about and said to talk to the info desk. When we asked a question at the info desk they had no idea either and said they'd not been told the answer themselves. Crazy...

The Entry

Because of this lack of communication and planning the event opened late again (as it always seems to do twice a year), not that that affected us as we had industry passes again and managed to get in early. As an example of the bad organisation we went to walk through one of the entrances and were told that we had to go through the other one to get our passes scanned. We went over to the other entrance 4 feet away and were told there were no scanners... We were just told to go in. Rubbish. Anyway after locating the signing desks for Terry Farrell and Kandyse McClure (the two lovely ladies we needed autographs from over anyone else) without the help of the useless maps that didn't tell you anything at all, we bought our smileys (vouchers for the autos), had a quick walk around the event floor (picked up a lovely big pic of Terry to get signed and a Warehouse 13 pic) and then came across the Left 4 Dead II demo booth.

Left For Dead 2 Played

Luckily the guy sorting out the booth saw there was a small grouping of people forming who were literally foaming at the mouth to get their hands on the preview code early and quickly sorted out the X-Box 360's for us to all have a go. The first four guys went in and about 5 mins later it was our turn. Once we were inside the dingy, dark little box-booth (separated into four mini cubicles with hanging limbs and blood everywhere) the guy rushed around and set up the 4 player game on a level I can't remember the name of... It was based in the streets of New Orleans, I know that much! Dark Knight chose Nick, The Gambler and Conman, I chose Coach the big bald African American baseball coach, and the other two guys (who we didn't really see) played as Rochelle and Ellis. As the level started we were all informed that the preview code was hyper-glitchy and that it may even crash as we played through, but luckily we didn't come across any problems on our turn. The level booted up and I grabbed myself a meaty shotgun and an electric guitar... Yep, that's what I said, an Electric Guitar! Great for battering zombie heads in. We played through the whole level and I ended up being the only one that was attacked by all the special infected in the level... Literally I was the only one that got jumped on by the Jockey, rammed by the Charger, covered by the Boomer and then spat on by the Spitter. It was all good fun and I can't wait for the real game. One of the highlights of the day!

The Autographs

After playing L4D2 we got our free tickets to the Warehouse 13 signing, got our autographs from Kandyse McClure on our funky "How to spot a Cylon" posters with the rest of the BSG cast signatures on (which she loved, they always do) then on to meet my all time favourite sci-fi babe Terry Farrell. She was absolutely fantastic with me and chatted me up playfully, making me reply in total gibberish. She still looked stunning to me, although I was shocked to see the long streak of grey hair she was sporting, and I'll be framing the big Dax pic she signed for sure! After grabbing some food and some collectibles for the kids etc we went on to meet the equally stunning Nicole De Boer (who was totally bored out of her brain as nobody was queuing up for her autograph, just Terry's) and then the legend that is Ronny Cox for my Stargate book and Craig Charles. If you remember I posted a huge complaint about the Red Dwarf con earlier this year that Craig never attended. I'd bought a big box-frame canvas of the whole RD cast which had been signed by everyone else there except him. When he saw the canvas and said "wow where did you get this" I coyly replied "at the Red Dwarf con this year" and he then realised and said "oh, was that the one I didn't go to?", "yeah, that'd be the one" I replied. He apologised and Dark Knight joked that I'd cried for a week when he didn't turn up, making Craig probably feel much better I'm sure!

Warehouse 13 Free Signing

We then queued up way too early for the last event of our day which was the free Warehouse 13 signing. Luckily although the cast of Eddie McClintock (Pete), Joanne Kelly (Myka) and Allison Scagliotti (Claudia) were supposed to be signing at 2pm they were 20 mins early and we were only about 6th or 7th in the queue so we were in and out quite quickly. Another cock up by the event organisers it seems, but a bonus for us. Another bad point about the show was that poor Allison Scagliotti had her name misspelled on her name board behind her head. She got up out of her chair and amended it with a black marker and didn't look too happy about it either! Allison was gorgeous nonetheless and very talkative giving us a few exclusive tidbits on her Smallville appearance later this year, Joanne Kelly was equally beautiful and very smiley, signing "You rock ass" on my autograph! Eddie was awesome and the kind of guy you expect him to be when you watch the show. He was talkative, jokey and the kind of person you'd be lucky to have as your mate. He also wrote on my autograph saying "You are cool".. Great people, all three of them. A good end to the day.

The End Of Our Day

By the time our day was over The Dark Knight and I had been walking and standing for 6 odd hours and were totally knackered from head to toe. We'd made about 3-4 trips back to the car down in the car park too to drop off and collect stuff in that time, which was extra walking we really didn't need. I have to say as well that come 11am that Excel hall was unbelievably hot and stuffy and everyone was complaining. On one of my trips back to the car I had to change my t-shirt from my blue Superman one to a white one as I needed to feel much fresher than I did at that point. Not a comfortable event when there's no air con, especially when there's hundreds, if not thousands, of sweaty pubescent teens (and cosplayers wearing thick, heavy-ass, costumes) walking about. No offense guys, it just stank in there!

All in all it was a mediocre event, as the London MCM Expo usually is, but everything went well and we got everything we came for, so there's no major complaints. Looking forward to the next set of events next year now!

Here's a small collage of pics that I took at the event. Bad quality on most as the lighting is crap, but you get the idea. Maybe you can spot yourself in there somewhere! Click on the collage for a bigger image.

Star Wars The Old Republic - HD Trailer

I should really post this on Geek-Gamer but we've not started using that blog yet so I'm putting it up on here for now.

I posted this trailer up a long time ago but I came across it recently and got unbelievable goosebumps watching it again in full screen HD.

THIS is what we should see from anything new from the Star Wars universe, whether it be movie or T.V... Frickin amazing!

Best Artwork Of Superheroes From The Most Talented Comic Artists

You all know by now that I love comics and I love artwork from the genre.

Over at they have a page dedicated to some of the best artwork from some of the best artists in the comic industry. There's some amazing stuff on there and if you click on any of the pics/ names you'll be taken to each artists Deviantart page with the rest of their stunning work.

If you're a fan of this stuff then you'll love the content. Visit the page HERE


Lucie Jones To Win X-Factor...

It's a guilty pleasure to watch the madness that is X-Factor on ITV every Saturday and Sunday night, but it's something the missus and I enjoy every week like a fevered obsession.

Everyone has their favourite singer every year and last year my clear favourite was Leona right from the auditions. Not only did she have the most amazing voice ever discovered on a music reality show but I thought she was absolutely stunning too. OK so not everyone agrees with me and I know she's been likened to a transvestite, a horse and God knows what else, but I championed her from the start.

This year my favourite has been Welsh cutie Lucie Jones. Again not only is she gorgeous but she has an absolutely amazing voice and blows away every one else in the competition. I honestly don't think that she'll win this year because her voice is held back by her lack of confidence on stage and her slight inability to dance like some of the others (not that that held back Leona), but I'm backing her nonetheless. I think the missus is backing Olly Murs, but that's just because he's a local Essex boy (who her cousin knows) and she may think he's tasty... He is a bloody good singer and performer though, so out of everyone else I'll back him too.

Anyway, here are a few pics of the lovely Lucie, too young for me by about 13 years but lovely nonetheless.

How Transformers ROTF Should Have Ended - Funny...

Watch it and agree with the points it makes... You may even laugh a little!

3 Min Trailer For Avatar And The First 8 Mins Of V...

I'm still not excited about the hugely hyped Jame Cameron movie Avatar but I do want to see it. Judging by the rough looking video below it'll be a effects filled action bonanza, but not as groundbreaking as some would have us believe.

Watch the video below and see what you think. Under the Avatar trailer is the ABC promotional vid for the first 8 mins of their V remake. Enjoy!



Will The Lizard Be Spider-Man's Next Big Bad?

To mixed responses Spider-Man 4 is going ahead and now the rumours and hints are starting to come through...

It had long been hinted after the end of Spider-Man 3 that the most logical choice for a new villain would be The Lizard, aka Dr. Curt Connors, played by Dylan Baker in the previous installments. Now Baker confirms that he's definitely in the 4th movie but doesn't know to what extent and whether The Lizard will be the Big Bad (or one of the Big Bad's) and it's not like he'd give that away anyway. Just because Baker is in the movie it doesn't mean he'll be anything more than a bit player as he has been in the past.

Rumours also started to fly when Bruce Campbell was confirmed but with a "bigger" part... Everyone seems to think that if he's put into the role of a villain then he'd be perfectly suited for old fishbowl-head Mysterio. The question is - How will they make those two villains believable in a growing Marvel movie universe where real world believability is the dish of the day. We've got away with Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Venom and Sandman, so why not them?

Let's face it though, Spider-Man 3 was bloody terrible... Venom was a joke, both in human Eddie Brock form and in the Symbiote state, the whole evil transformation of Peter and the eventual dance scene that came from that was f'ing cringe worthy, the new Goblin design was awful, and Bryce Dallas Howard's Gwen Stacy outshone Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane in every way and form (not how it is in the comics!). Hopefully Sam Raimi will get his head in gear for the 4th movie and go back to Spider-Man 2's greatness. I'm not holding my breath though. The future focus will truthfully all be on Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers!

Smallville - More Deaths To Come... interviewed Smallville's executive producer Kelly Souders recently, who revealed that more people will die in Season 9.

Souders commented: "You will see more people than you can imagine die in the first 12 [episodes]. Luckily it's Smallville, so not all of them stick."

Only 3 minor hints were revealed when questions were asked:

Is this in the present or the future? "A little bit of both."
Might this be one of Lois' visions? "There might be a few people who pass away in her visions, too."
Are any of the main characters the victims? "You can't make me ruin that. I promise you all the people you love to watch, you will still be loving to watch in episode 18, 19, 20, 21."

The ulitmate cop-out show does it again... We'll see deaths, but not all of them stick. Just like in the comics huh? Grrrrrr...

The A-Team Movie - First Official Cast Pic & Footage

Woo hoo!

I never actually though the A-Team movie would come to fruition and even with the casting news and rough on set images flitting around the Internet it still didn't feel real somehow... Now we have the first official cast pic of Faceman, B.A. Baracus, Murdock and Hannibal together and it's soooo cool!

Below the pic I've posted is a short behind the scenes video from Entertainment Tonight which gives us a look at the team including interviews with Jessica Biel and Bradley Cooper.

All I can hear is that music baby!... Da da da, da da da, d-d daaa d-da da, da da da da daaa!!!

New Trailers - The Wolfman And Sherlock Holmes

Both The Wolfman and Sherlock Holmes have had new trailers released last week. Here they are below for your viewing pleasure.

The Wolfman:

Sherlock Holmes:

Smallville - Justice Society Characters & Actors Confirmed

As I've mentioned recently there will be a Smallville season 9 2-part episode written by comic writer Geoff Johns and directed by Glen Winter and Tom Welling which will feature 3 members of the DC Comics Justice Society. The episodes will be called 'Society' and 'Legends'.

Unfortunately there will be no appearance by Power Girl (far too complicated to explain her existence in the show if you know her history in the comics, plus they'll probably never be able to find an actress with Power Girl's famous sizable assets!) but three others have now been chosen, along with the actors who will play them.

First up is Hawkman played by Stargate SG-1's very own Dr. Daniel Jackson - Michael shanks.

Next up is Dr Fate played by Andromeda's Rev Bem - Brent Stait.

And finally Stargirl (Star Spangled Kid) played by Britt Irvin who's been in many shows, most recently the 'V' pilot episode.

It's obvious, as with every other DC superhero that's ever appeared on Smallville, that the actors won't be dressed like their comic counterparts and that what we'll see on screen will be an approximation of each costume featuring leather in some way or form... We'll have to see if they turn out cool or crap, but if the creators don't give Hawkman wings in some way or form I'm not going to be a happy bunny!!!!!

Marge Simpson - Playboy Pics

OK, so the world has officially gone mad... I heard about this happening but honestly thought it was a joke. Click on the set of images below to see the larger version.

These are from Marge Simpson's Playboy shoot (not actually a shoot due to the fact that she's a cartoon and these were drawn!). Technically she's in a semi nude state and not completely, so I'm not going to censor the images which is why I've kept them small and you'll have to click to see them properly, but apologies if you find them offensive, and shame on you if you like them!

Either way it's slightly wrong and creepy and ruins our wholesome childhood memories of our favourite cartoon Mother... What's next Lois Griffin from Family Guy? Jeez, that probably will happen now...

Green Lantern Movie - Rumours

During the last a week a number of small rumours have circulated the web about the new Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie.

Watchmen and Nightmare on Elmstreet actor Jackie Earl Hayley has been rumoured to be the front runner for the role of Sinestro in the film. After the rumour surfaced he denied any current involvement, but that doesn't rule out the possibility that he's still being considered for the role by the studio and just hasn't been approached officially yet. Personally I don't think he's a good fit for Sinestro at all, but that's just me. I don't know why but Timothy Dalton comes to mind here!

Regardless of who actually ends up playing Sinestro, the character is said to not be the primary antagonist in the film. He'll play Hal's mentor like in the comics, but his evil nature may be left for a possible sequel, unlike the recent 'First Flight' animated movie.

There's a possibility that both Guy Gardner and Superman (as Clark Kent only) may make brief cameos in the film. The script has Abin Sur's ring search out a suitable candidate for itself and circles both Gardner (a future Green Lantern in the comics) and Clark Kent at the Daily Planet in Metropolis before finally joining with Hal Jordan.

The production has now moved from Australia to New Orleans in the US due to the extra $20 Million the Australian site would have cost. I didn't know this before but the director is now Martin Campbell of James Bond: Casino Royale (which I loved, but many others didn't) so this gives me faith that the movie won't suck!

More news on this movie as it gets released. I can't wait!

Funny Star Wars Vid - NSFW

A Dark Knight Post

Be warned...this is NSFW........and if you're a STAR WARS fan you might laugh so much some pee will come out.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Mini Reviews For The Latest Movies...

I'd love to write larger reviews for these but I've just not got the time at the moment.

Here are some short mini reviews for some of the movies I've caught recently:


"A couple of hours out of my life I'll never get back" as they say. Badly filmed, badly acted and an assault on the senses in the worst possible way, this movie has a novel idea and runs amok with it, resulting in a film that makes you feel violated when you leave the cinema. It had potential but unfortunately that died during the first two minutes and headed downward into hell after that. I can't think of a redeeming feature that would make me tell you to go see this film. But if and when it comes on Sky you should watch it and see what you think, just don't pay good money to see it in the cinema otherwise.



District 9

As over hyped as any film I've ever seen, District 9 doesn't really seem to know what it is and therein lies its fundamental problem. It starts with a slow documentary style of filming (A la Cloverfield etc) and then suddenly forgets it was using that technique and jumps headlong into straightforward action filming with lots of South African swearing (Fook this, fook that etc), some pretty obvious and unashamed racist jibes, passable special effects and giant unforgiving plot holes.

After saying all that I can't deny that I liked the film more than I should have (it is sci-fi after all) and some of the robo suit scenes were cool, it just didn't hit the mark that I'd heard it would from everyone else out there. Shame... One to rent on DVD.




I'd heard that this movie was fantastic, that it was as funny as Shaun of the Dead and that it was an unmissable horror-comedy movie... OK so there aren't a huge amount of horror-comedy movies out there, and if you're looking for one then it is indeed unmissable, and it's true that it had its funny moments... But it's a very very long way off from the caliber of Shaun of the Dead and being fantastic!

As The Dark Knight mentioned before the funniest moment probably comes from a cameo from the legend that is Bill 'Ghostbusters' Murray and not from the main cast. It's a movie that feels like a scene has been ripped out of a larger movie and turned into one itself. It's short, repetitive (with the rules popping up every now and then, which isn't actually that funny, you'll see what I mean when you watch it) and, as with a lot of films these days, its greatest moments can be seen in the trailer... I recommend it for fans of this sort of genre as they're more likely to get something out of it than maybe I did, it's just too much of an empty shell to get good marks from me. The only redeeming feature happens to be the stunning Emma Stone...



Pixar's UP 3D

Disney Pixar movies are some of my favourite films of all time. They're beautiful, emotional, funny and fantastically written and directed pieces of art.

I can't think of one that's my all-time favourite but I do love Toy Story 1 & 2, The Incredibles, A Bug's Life, Cars, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Wall-E... OK so that's all of them, told you I couldn't choose!

UP is a "strange" Pixar film. I say strange because as the Pixar movies have progressed through the years they seem to have taken on more adult themes and way more emotions than the one before it. For a child orientated set of movies this is pretty strange to me. Loss of a loved one in one way or another seems to be a prerequisite now and this has culminated in Pixar's latest movie where the loss/ death of the main characters wife powers the story along, almost all by itself. There's no harm in that at all and it effectively tugged on my heart strings to watch this bright and colourful film unfold into an enjoyable and emotional adventure. I felt that the mainstay humour wasn't really present this time round and the story was only slightly weaker than other Pixar movies before it. BUT it was of course a wonderful film and with those "real 3D" glasses on it turned out to be a truly unique experience. I've never seen a film in that form of 3D before and both my daughter and I were amazed at how good it was.

Definitely one to watch, especially if you've got kids aged 6+ to go with.



Green Lantern: First Flight (Animated)

I've always been a big fan of the Marvel and DC animated movies that have been released over the last few years. I even watched the first Avengers animated movie on Sky again tonight and enjoyed it more than the first time I saw it! The last offering from DC was the Wonder Woman movie and although it had some slight flaws, it was a kick ass film and I liked it a lot.

Green Lantern: First Flight is a far superior film to those that have come before it. It's been heavily aimed towards an older audience and the creators took the thankful leap into making it more sci-fi than super hero, which works fantastically considering Hal Jordan is actually a Space Cop. Apart from the fact that you notice pretty quickly that Hal is seriously overshadowed both on screen and through the voice acting, by Sinestro, this film is frickin awesome in its execution and has some of the best animated scenes I've ever seen. The chase of the ship through hyperspace, Hal's imaginative use of the ring to create human-form objects, the final epic battle, it's all there to impress DC fans, and it succeeds in spades. I even got major goosebumps when the Lantern Corps creed is recited by the various characters at the end of the film. "In blackest day, in darkest night...", priceless.

One to watch for all you DC fan boys out there. Even my 6 year old daughter loved it!



Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies

As I've mentioned before Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies is one of my favourite comics/ graphic novels of all time. The artwork by Ed McGuinnes is amazing, the story is enjoyable (if far fetched, even for a comic) and there are some of the best and most enjoyable fights you can see from DC within its pages.

The animated movie, the latest release from DC, is difficult to enjoy purely because it's a watered down version of the comic. The animation isn't as crisp and clear as McGuiness', the voice acting feels weak and without heart and some of the best or funniest scenes have been altered (not for the better) which retracts too far from the source material for it to work. It's a real shame because a lot of the original stuff is there, but it doesn't feel like it flows well and characters flit about, never really having any purchase in their scenes. I'd heard that LeVar Burton was doing the voice of Black Lightning and I waited for him to come on, only to be rewarded with one sentence in the whole film which is quickly forgotten... What was the point?!

It's still an enjoyable film for fans but nowhere near what it could, or should, have been. If you've never read the comics that the movie is based on then you may like it way more. Catch it if you can, but don't pay big bucks if you can get it for free.

6.5/ 10

Superbad - Outtakes Video

Whilst doing my Internet perusing today I came across a load of movie outtake videos where the cast are either muffing up their lines or messing about.

I love watching outtake vids and one of my favourites today happened to be for Superbad. This really made me smile!


Toy Story 3 - Character Posters

The Dark Knight already posted the new Toy Story 3 trailer earlier today but what I thought would be cool to include would be the 7 new character posters with all our favourite toys!

I'm a huge fan of Pixar films and I saw UP this Wednesday night with my daughter. Awesome movie (very grown up with a pretty adult theme of loss) but you can't beat the original Toy Story films for all round coolness!

All are posters are below for your viewing pleasure. The movie is slated for release in June 2010.

LOST - Final Season Poster

One of the most eagerly awaited seasons of sci-fi T.V. ever is coming to our screens in Jan/ Feb 2010.

Lost season 6 will finally (hopefully) answer all the major questions and labyrinthine plot twists that this amazing show has burdened us with over the last 5 years. It's a show that alienated a fair few members of its audience very early on, but kept the die hard dedicated fans satiated with season after season of brain damaging glory. I for one am absolutely primed and ready to complete this series next year and I can't wait for what lies ahead. Season 5 was awesome and the final scene was a blinder!

Below is the first teaser poster for season 6 from ABC and as you can see the hieroglyphs, heavily displayed and merged into the storyline and mythos last season, are present within the letters. Another thing to notice is that pretty much every single major original character is present in the line up and that Locke (if that is indeed him in the middle) seems to be the only one with his back facing us... Or is he just lookingto his left? The rest are certainly facing forward... Hmmmmm, interesting.

Heroes - A Major Character Death This Series!

Don't read on if you don't want a potential plot spoiler. It doesn't tell you the character, but still...


So, the news is all over the web that insiders at NBC have stated that a MAJOR ORIGINAL MALE character will be killed off this season. They added that "this is not one that will go unnoticed by even the most casual fan" meaning that it'll be a pretty big offing that will upset a fair few fans (like they can afford to do that when their ratings are so low already this year!).

The actor supposedly only actually found out about his characters death when he read the script, he wasn't informed beforehand and is mighty miffed! Now the question is "who will they kill off?"

As it's a character from series one my money would have to be on Matt Parkman (a character that has been lagging heavily recently) or even Sylar (because of the new Star Trek franchise that's building up momentum into future movies). We've technically lost Nathan last series, Peter is unlikely because he's pretty much the main character but it's not impossible, Noah Bennett already died once and was revived so is unlikely to die again, Mohinder is MIA at the moment and then you have Hiro and Ando... Hiro is already supposedly dying in the current storyline so it's not too far fetched to think he'll go, but then he's the series' comic relief and would probably be the greatest loss to the show. Ando is much loved too and although we're waiting to see what kind of repercussions Hiro's recent timeline altering trip did (where he got Ando and his sister together when they were young) I just can't accept that they'd kill one of the dynamic duo...

We'll have to wait and see! Who do you think will go?

Family Guy - Something, Something, Something, Darkside - Trailer

A Crimson Blur Post

Hi all,

Sorry, haven't been around much lately as I've been really busy saving lives and all that, but I have found a trailer for the new Family Guy Star Wars sequel titled 'Something, Something, Something, Darkside.

I cant wait to get this on DVD, I loved the first one and the second one looks better, I hope you enjoy the trailer.

More From The Dark Knight...

A Dark Knight Post

Californication - Hates Twilight!

Check out this video of David DUCHOVNY in CALIFORNICATION ( as his character Hank MOODY ) I get the feeling that Hank hates TWILGHT.

I watched, fell asleep and still don't know how the hell the vampires can walk around outside. I'm sure there are a lot of us that agree with his views on TWILIGHT.

BEWARE - There is swearing!!!

Although the only good thing about TWILIGHT is the doe-eyed beauty that is Kristin STEWART.....enjoy the pics below.


ZOMBIELAND.....Funnier Than SHAUN OF THE DEAD?...........No, But Still Worth Watching.

A pretty good effort to capture some of Edgar WRIGHT'S magic. Emma Stone is beautiful, Woody Harrelson is pretty funny, and the standout moment of the movie is all Bill MURRAY..... I also wet myself it was so funny. I won't ruin it, just go and watch it!!!

Was very short though....... the movie, not Bill.



15th march 2010 that's when Jon CHO dies in Flashforward...........or does he?

Well now I'm getting very confused. CHO's character gets told that he gets murdered (filling us in why he had no flash forward. But we meet his fiancee who seems to have a flash forward when she's marrying him. All so confusing. Also Kahballah is the reason why everyone passed out?

WTF. All very strange, but very compelling none the less................and what the hell what that all about at the end in Somalia???? You guess is as good as mine. Check out SCIFIWIRE HERE for some rather random ideas.


DAY ONE............More Bad News.

Not only have the network initially made noises about the series only lasting for one season, but now it appears that it'll only be 4 hours long ( I THINK THAT'S WHAT THEY CALL A MINI SERIES).

I'm very disappointed as this sounded like a good concept and could be a little gem. Now it appears the credit crunch has started to nip at the networks heels and the penny pinching has started..........damn you NBC, looks like they are apocalypse haters like CBS!!!!

First Jericho gets cut off at the knees and now another apocalyptic series bites the dust before it starts. DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!


And On The Subject Of Jericho........

Looks like someone has registered the web address - Now does this mean that the movie has moved from "Active development" to "Arses in gear and filming"?

I guess time will tell...............I'm hoping for the latter of the two cause I LOVE JERICHO.


Just In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love Battlestar...

I just stumbled on some awesome photos of the two hottest CYLONS in the galaxy.......... Enjoy the video and photos!!!
You can view the whole set HERE.


New Toy Story 3 Trailer.


Dollhouse Going Under???

Looks like the numbers are still grim.....but not that grim. DVR viewings of DOLLHOUSE have made crap viewing figures look slightly better.

It'll still probably get cancelled, as do most shows that have too much substance and a message............That and I think Joss Whedon is cursed.

Keep watching this's good...........honest!!!!!!!!!!!!! And enjoy the Eliza pictures!!!!


The Babes Of SGU

I think I've just decided that I love SGU even more.....just found this HOT picture of two of the new Destiny crew.

Ms TAPPING, you have competition!!!!!!!