Thursday, 24 December 2009

Comic Movie News - Hawkman, Spider-Man 4 & Iron Man 2

I thought I'd stick these 3 comic-movie-related tidbits together as they don't really rate high enough to get their own individual posts!

Hawkman Movie?

First up is the circulating rumour from that the DC Comics hero Hawkman may now be made into a big screen live action movie. Described to be "part Indiana Jones, part Da Vinci Code and part Ghost" the film will supposedly be a Batman Begins style movie showing how the main character, an archaeologist called Carter Hal (or any one of the variations he's been called over time), makes himself into a hero using a winged flying harness and Nth Metal hand held weapons to battle evil-doers...

Don't get me wrong, I love the character of Hawkman, but in a world where all superhero movies are heading towards that "could this guy really exist in the real world" kind of style, where does the completely laughable Hawkman fit in? And does this mean that DC Entertainment are going to follow Marvel's lead and start pumping out Justice League member movies (even though I believe he's JSA affiliated) leading up to a JLA movie sometime after Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern? That's be cool, but I believe Marvel will do it better! If it simply gets made into an animated movie I'll be much happier. Those DC animated films are going from strength to strength and the old Justice League Unlimited cartoons with him in were cool.

Mary Jane No More? Kirsten Dunst Written out of Spider-Man 4?

If sources from Contactmusic are to be believed Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst (who's played Peter Parker's red headed girl Mary Jane in the last 3 films) may be written out of the new Spider-Man 4 movie altogether, making way for a new love interest...

I don't believe this rumour at all as Mary Jane is who Peter ends up with in the comics (until a certain recent storyline) and Sam Raimi screwed up the movies already with his alternate timeline, having Peter date Mary Jane before the likes of Gwen Stacey and Bettie Brant, so it's unlikely he'll just do away with her to further the story now. Even if Black Cat comes into it I don't think old Tobey can pull off the hot lusty thing... Ewwwwww... We'll see, I'm not Kirsten's biggest fan and I hated that she was cast as Mary Jane in the first place, so if she does go, I won't shed a tear!

Olivia Munn Playing War Machine A.I. Voice or Iron Maiden, Or both?

You may have heard that fanboy favourite and supreme hottie Olivia Munn had been cast in Iron Man 2 a while back. Her part had been kept super secret until the other day when she told everyone on Twitter that she was actually War Machine (it was even listed on IMDB before that as the same), and it confused a fair few, most thought she was having a laugh of course. Then it turned out what she was actually playing was the voice or War Machine's internal A.I.

Tony has Jarvis, voiced by Paul Bettany in the first movie, and Rhodey will supposedly have a female internal computer, voiced by Miss Munn. However IMDB now shows her character as Melina Vostokoff / Iron Maiden. I have no idea who that is but when I looked into it the character seems to be an assassin originally sent to kill Black Widow in the comics. She has a flexible metal costume which protects her from the force of many impacts and insulates her from many different forms of energy projections, and has enhanced strength to boot. Strange... So is Olivia the War Machine A.I. or is she Iron Maiden, or is she both? Only time will tell!


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