Sunday, 21 February 2010


Is STUPIDER a real word? Oh well.

The topic on my lips at this moment is I lost track a bit with it last season when all the Kryptonian's turned up and the mythology got a little stupid, although with the new season I decided to give it another chance.

I'm kinda happy that I did. With the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE 2 parter, Zatanna returning, Clark kinda in a Superman costume and some improved stories, JUSTICE LEAGUE seems to have found a direction (albeit not a perfect one) and a renewed vigour. The whole Lois and Clark thing is actually making pretty good viewing (No!!! not the 90's frak up of a series!!!).

And finally!!! We have a JUSTICE LEAGUE member wearing a costume that actually looks like it's supposed to!!! And it's damn sexy too.

God bless new favourite league member!!!



Just in time for the March release of Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Avril Lavigne has released her video for the official single for the film.

As usual we have some shots from the film (which looks great) but I think we have seen most of it in the trailers already. The best thing however is Avril looking stunning as usual, and gratefully she's dropped that big nosed freak from SUM 41!!!

Check out the video below.


Dark Knight.

Robin's Bitchslap Of The Day... The New AvP Video Game.

Guess what I've been playing on the X-box all weekend? ;p

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dr. Who - New Series Teaser Trailer

Now I know where that poster-pic came from that I posted earlier today!

Watch the BBC teaser trailer below (only viewable in the UK) and see for yourself. If you're from the USA you can view the video HERE. Enjoy!

UPDATE: And here's the Youtube version I've just located for everyone to watch no matter what country you're in!

Robin's Bitchslap Of The Day... Carrie Anne Moss.

Having just watched the Matrix Triology on Blu-ray yesterday and Disturbia the other day I believe Batman is indeed correct!

Pics From Around The Web...

Some are strange, some are funny, some are just plain cool, some have some serious OH S**T moments too... Enjoy!

Han Solo In Carbonite Office Desk!

OH. MY. GOD...

If I had an office, or even enough space in my room, I would soooooo want to buy this table!

Quite possibly the coolest table in the world this Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite office desk was custom made by and not only features the electronic Carbonite chamber itself but also lighted supports that are based on Cloud City's decor from the scene where Han is frozen and where Luke battles Vader... Ultra frickin cool.

You can visit the website where this, and many more cool things, can be found HERE.

Star Wars Themed Cakes!

For my birthday earlier this month my Missus and the kids went and bought me a Star Wars: Clone Wars Captain Rex birthday cake. It's kind of a tradition that my kids choose a themed cake for my birthday each year and I've received a whole bunch of cool cakes in the past including a Dr. Who Dalek, Spider-Man & Bart Simpson version among others.

On that note I found a recent post on which features a whole bunch of awesome Star Wars themed cakes that have been made for many a geeks birthday. Some of them are truly amazing and I've added some of my personal favourites below. Check out the original post HERE and see the rest for yourself. Cool stuff!

The New Femme Nikita Has Been Chosen...

I'm not a fan of any of the previous Le Femme Nikita movies or t.v. series' but now that I've found out that Maggie Q will play the lead role in the new show, my interest has piqued.

The gorgeous Hawaiian born Miss Q who has played kick-ass roles in Mission Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard, Balls of Fury and the upcoming King of Fighters, among many other movies, has been chosen to play the rebooted assassin in the new CW channel's pilot, which will hopefully get turned into a t.v. series.

The Hollywood Reporter said:

The CW pilot's premise of a new Nikita being trained to replace the original one after she goes rogue gave creator Craig Silverstein an opportunity to break the stereotype, and he wrote the lead as "beautiful and exotic."

The pending hire of Maggie Q in "Nikita," from
WBTV and McG's Wonderland, would mark the highest-profile series role for an Asian actress on a broadcast drama series and the highest-profile CW minority casting in the network's four-year history.

The role has previously been played by caucasian actresses so Maggie's hiring is a departure from the past frachise releases, and a much welcomed one which I know she'll nail perfectly.

Leona Lewis Expands Her CV Into Game Theme Songs Now?

Judging by the many negative comments I read all the time about Leona Lewis, I may well be one of the only people in the world who's totally besotted with her. The girl has an amazing set of lungs on her (her voice, not her... well, y'know) and she's beautiful to boot.

She's come a long way since her X-Factor victory in 2006 and apart from having chart topping songs in both the UK and the US (which she's cracked with little problem, unlike a lot of UK singers) she also sang the theme song for Avatar's closing credits, which to me was quite an achievement seeing as it became the biggest film in history. Now I've just read that she's the singer of the Western version of the theme song for Final Fantasy XIII and she's also promoting it in a video too...

You almost feel like the poor girl has never picked up a video game in her life watching the vid, but she's popular and that's probably all that Square Enix are interested in. Nothing wrong with that. A little more gusto with her 'enjoyment' and promotion of the game might have been a bonus though!

I still love you Leona! :/

New Tekken Movie Stills.

The trailer made me cringe, the images aren't much better, but hey I'm sure it'll be a hit with die-hard Tekken gamers out there. It just reminds me of Van-Damme's movie Bloodsport, or the Mortal Kombat movies, or DOA or... well you get the idea.

You can find all the new images HERE at and the same pics with a few game character comparison pics HERE on

Two New Toy Story 3 Characters Revealed.

Disney Pixar are slowly releasing pics and info on some of the new Toy Story 3 characters we'll see in the upcoming movie and so far (although we know Michael Keaton's 'Ken' is a major player) Lots-o'-Huggin Bear and Buttercup the Unicorn have been revealed. Pics are below.

Mega Man As A First Person Shooter? debuted a trailer for a new multiplayer mod project that blends the 2-D Mega Man world with the Doom/ Wolfenstein 3-D 1st person shooter genre.

'Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch' as it's called looks completely manic but features all the old characters and weapons you've seen before in the old NES games, giving retro geeks who love a bit of 1st person fragging, but remember those golden days of 2-D platforming, a game they can really sink their teeth into.

The beta version still hasn't got a release date but it's one download I'll look at following into its final stages.


I'm a huge fan of the old Japanese anime movie AKIRA. I have the film on DVD, on UMD for my PSP and even have the I-Phone version ready and waiting to be added should I want to watch it on the go. As you may have seen from my room pics the other day I also have the cool little action figure and much loved bike on my shelf...

So to cut a long story short; when I found the pic above it brought back fond memories of the movie and when I looked into the artist who drew it I found some pretty amazing artwork on his site. is worth a flying visit of you get the chance. Some of the stuff on there is fantastic, although there's only one pic that's from Akira and I believe it's also the only one that's really themed towards movies etc. Still worth a look if you're an artwork fan like me!

New Dr. Who Poster/ Pic...

Are you one of the many dozens of people looking forward to Matt Smith taking over Dr. Who?

Sorry, that's a little unfair. I know in my heart it's still going to be a big hit and that the studio wouldn't have chosen Matt if they didn't think he was totally capable of taking over the part from David Tennant. I for one won't be missing a single episode so I was happy to find this basic little poster of Matt and Karen Gillan floating in space-time (no Tardis?) with a couple of recognisable old baddies in in the background.

You can view or download the bigger (very big) version HERE if you so wish.


Adidas Darth Vader Track Top/ Jacket!

I posted up a whole new bunch of Star Wars themed trainers from Adidas the other day and then yesterday I came upon a new track top from them that was equally as cool.

This Darth Vader top is probably the kind of thing you want to buy because is looks and sounds so frickin cool, but if you actually wore it out on the street you'd probably be beaten to death...

Not only does the top have the basic pattern designs on the material that match Vader's costume but it also sports a removable breastplate, cape with chain and hood... A breastplate and cape, with the chain included? Very funky. On the back is a Vader face graphic just in case those people walking behind you couldn't tell what the theme was already, but of course that's hidden ff you go out wearing the cape. If you're that brave...

Either way it's a great release for Star Wars fans and another essential collectable for those of you that love quirky clothes that stand out from the crowd. Just be sure to carry your lightsaber for protection!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Robin's Bitchslap Of The Day... Pandora Depression.

If I can't update Twitter every day then I doubt very much I'll be able to keep this up either, but for now here is the first of an ongoing "Robin's bitchslap of the day" post...