Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Brandon Routh in Two Upcoming Comic Movies

Our star of 'Superman Returns' will be starring in two movies scheduled for release this year. One is based on the cult classic italian comic book 'Dylan Dog'. The title of the movie is "Dead of Night" and the other "Scott Pilgrim Saves the World". In an interview from Wizard magazines April 2010 issue Routh states that Dylan Dog is a Han Solo, Indian Jones-type hero and is the opposite, darker side of a guy like Clark Kent. I don't know about anybody else but that sounds pretty freaking cool to me. In this movie there will be zombies, werewolves, and vampire...I LOVE IT! In the other movie (Scott Pilgrim Saves The World) Routh will play a character (Todd Ingram) who has the power of Telekinesis....interesting huh? Needless to say I would probably go see these movies just to see his acting skill further and in a different environment.

On a seperate note, Routh was asked if he would return to the world of Superman soon and I quote Brandon Routh here in his interview in Wizard magazine April 2010 with Tony Teofilo; "It's an open book. It seems like things are on the point of moving forward a little bit, because the legal issue that exists with Siegel-Shuster has been dealt with. I think they sort of have to make a movie before 2012. I know they want to have the franchise continue. And I'd be very happy to come back and continue the role." I for one would like to see Brandon Routh wear the big red S again.


Dark Knight said...

Amen to that, I'd love to see Routh become superman again. Nice guy, and I have a massive signed poster from collectormania that routh touched!!!! Though I was the only one that liked superman returns.

Anonymous said...

"Though I was the only one that liked superman returns."

No, you're not the only one; many people liked it, including me. It's be great to see him in the blue tights again. Hope they give him the opportunity, he deserves it.

I'll be watching his upcoming movies for sure. I'm a big fan.


Kryptonian Warrior said...

Having watched Superman Returns on t.v. again today I have a new found respect for it that hadn't actually hit me so far. I'm like the biggest Superman nut on the planet and I wasn't too hot on this film, then I watch it today and love it like I'd never seen it before... very strange. ;P

Anonymous said...

I am crazy for superman too!!! I'm totally obsessed and i thought Superman Returns was an excellent movie.