Thursday, 8 April 2010

More Characters To Return for Smallville Season 9 Finale?

Looks like my post about Black Canary returning for the season 9 finale of Smallville in May was just the start of some very good news for all the fans out there.

News just hit the web that Cyborg, Hawkman and Star Girl have all been 100% confirmed by Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly which means that were heading for a possible full Justice League/ Justice Society team-up episode, which of course would be awesome.

It's not far fetched to assume that we'll also hear that Aquaman, Impulse and maybe even Zatanna are coming back too (if the news that Black Canary and Cyborg are returning is anything to go by). Plus there's word on the web that we'll maybe see none other than Supergirl...

That's right at last years San Diego Comic Con it was confirmed that all the Justice League members plus Supergirl would be back in season 9 and although Laura Vandervoort hasn't been seen at all due to her ongoing job on 'V' it would be great to see her return for the last episode, which is what's being mentioned online.

I'm not sure if I posted it on here already but there's also supposed to be a major death in the finale which is rumoured to be either Tess or Chloe (although technically you could also include Zod). The way things are going with Chloe and Oliver it's sure to be her (no one can have a happy relationship in Smallville as you know). We'll have to wait and see what happens, but I'm kinda dreading my reaction to whoever kicks the bucket!


Ely Kalon said...

I'm so excited about this! Smallville will have an epic JLA moment... can't wait!

J.P. said...

i loved the JSA episode so i look forward to the finale. i hope Martian Manhunter makes it as well. i think Phil Morris is great in that role.good to hear Cyborg is back I think him and Aquaman have been getting the short end in regards to appearance.not a big Tess fan so her leaving would be fine with me. i find her character overly cliched.

Luis Gustavo said...

Where have you heard Supergirl is returning? If it is true I'm going to freak out. I love her!

Kryptonian Warrior said...

Last years San Diego Comic Con talk featured a long video trailer and team talk which confirmed which characters were returning for season 9... Supergirl was one of those characters. But then I wouldn't hold out any hope of that as it'd be way too good to be true for us fans and Laura is deep into V now (not that a Smallville cameo would interfere with V). Here's hoping!