Thursday, 24 June 2010

Stop Motion, Two Spare Weeks & Some Tea Lights...

As the title of the post says the video below was made with "Stop Motion, Two Spare Weeks & Some Tea Lights"... Again yet another example of way too much time on someone's hands, even if the video is very cool!

Real Steel - First Pic Of Hugh Jackman & Robot!

If you weren't aware already there's a new movie coming out based on the Robot Rock'em Sock'em game (you know, that retro plastic game where you control a blue or red robot with crappy joysticks that make its arms punch etc).

The image below is the first official pic showing Hugh Jackman at the ringside of a match with the Red Robot in the corner, partly obscured.

the premise of the film is as follows: Hugh Jackman is "a former boxer who, against all odds, gets one last shot at a comeback when he teams up with his estranged son to build and train the perfect contender for the now hi-tech sport of robot boxing.

OK so it sounds pretty crap, but hey it's Hugh Jackman and fighting robots... what could go wrong?

The Game every Star Wars Fan Has Been Waiting For? Star Wars Kinect!

You may be aware that Microsoft's Project Natal recently had it's name officially changed to "Kinect" but what you might not know is that that at the recent E3 show a few games were shown for the console's new hotly anticipated add-on.

Just so you're aware the Kinect device reads every body movement you make in 3D real time making your on screen avatar/character copy you move for move. What game would be every fan boys perfect use of the Kinect? A Star Wars game where you wield a lightsaber and force powers and fight for real on screen!

These videos below shows a small part of the game being played in real time and shows just what might be capable from this amazing technological advancement in gaming.

Hello Thunderkittys!

Thundercats mixed with Hello Kitty for a new range of t-shirts... Nuff said.

Resident Evil: Afterlife - New Poster

This should have really gone with the trailer I posted up earlier but either way here's the new poster for Resident Evil: Afterlife.

The Smurfs 3D - First Image Of The Little Blue Guys And Teaser Trailer!

Oh dear... Not what I was hoping for by a long shot, but at least the kids are looking forward to it. The have no idea what the hell a Smurf is as it's not a show that's on tv anymore but I'm sure I can educate them before this movie is released, seeing as I was a Smurf obsessive when I was younger. ;)

The Walking Dead - Two New Images Of Rick Grimes

Oh how I'm looking forward to the upcoming Walking Dead tv series. These two photos below show actor Andrew Lincoln as the main series protagonist Rick Grimes. Can't wait for this show!!!

Lost Finale Mashed Up With Star Wars = Better Ending!

If you haven't seen the end of LOST season 6 you'd better not watch this video.

If you have then you may smile at the inclusion of the lightsabers and music. Where do people find the time to do this stuff?

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Trailer

The last couple of movies were OK, nothing special as far as I'm concerned, and this trailer looks like more of the same for fans.

Here's the first official trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

First Official DC Universe Online Trailer...


The game I've waited for all my life has finally arrived (well soon anyway). OK so you're not actually fighting villains in Metropolis next to the actual Justice League in real life or anything... But hell it's the next best thing. And you'll be online with live players posing as heroes and villains from around the world.

The original pics and mini vids just don't do this game justice, it looks frickin awesome!

Amazing Beatbox Mario Guy...

I've heard beatbox artists before but I came across this video this week and found it quite entertaining.

An amazing talent which defies belief when you actually try to pull this off yourself and realise that every noise your hearing on the video is coming out of this guys facial orifice's!

3 Awesome Trailers From E3 - Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2, Tron Evolution & Star Wars: The Old Republic!

My oh my, what an awesome trifecta we have here. The Force Unleashed 2 and Tron Evolution trailers are fantastic but Jesus... The Old Republic trailer blew me away. Even my 7 year old daughter sat down and watched it in awe (biiiiig Star Wars fan that she is).

Why don't Lucasarts just hire Bioware to do a CGI Star Wars movie based on the Old Republic? It'd be so much better than any of the terrible rumours we've heard about live action, comedy, or cartoons!


Family Guy Farscape Mashup...

I'm a fan of Family Guy and a fan of Farscape... What better way to make me smile than to mash the two together into an awesome pic entitled "Farscape Guy"!

Megan Fox Goodness... At Jonah Hex Premiere Crappiness

Due to the fact that I'm depressed that little Miss Fox is out of the new Transformers movie as my post below states yet again, and the fact that she's just got engaged, I thought I'd post some awesome pics of the lovely lady at the recent Jonah Hex premiere. Unfortunately the movie has been slated as one of the worst movies of all time so it wasn't the best career move for her... But there's hope that she'll return to the comic book world again soon as she stated in a recent interview that the late Michael Turner's "Fathom" is moving ahead and she's still set to star as Aspen. Good news for all fanboys I'm sure.

Enjoy the pics!

Transformers 3 - First Two Images Of Sam & Co...

If I didn't know better I'd say these two pics were just some generic shots from one of the last two Transformer movies, but no, they are in fact on-set snaps of Shia LeBouf, Tyrese Gibson and the new Megan Fox replacement "Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (and extras).

I'm getting depressed at the lack of Megan Fox so I'm going now... Hmm, Megan post next methinks!

Conan - Two New Pics

Ronon... Sorry I mean "Conan" is back and here are two new pics of Jason Momoa as the hippie haired barbarian himself.

Looking forward to this? Not sure... I don't think I'll be able to shake the thought that Jason's about to whip out his Ronon Dex/Atlantis gun and blast a Wraith who emerges from a dark corner... ;)

Green Hornet - First Trailer

OK I admit it, this actually looks better than I thought it would. Not the biggest fan of Seth Rogan but this movie has the possibility to change my mind.

Here's the first trailer for The Green Hornet.

Fan Movie - Batman: City of Scars

If you've got a spare 30 mins and you're a fan of all those previous DC/ Batman fan films we've all come across on the web then you may be interested in this mini movie called "City of Scars".

It's pretty well put together and you'll see a few familiar faces along the way as well as a brand new Bat-logo we've never seen before. I think my favourite bit has to be the nightclub brawl about 12 mins in...


Resident Evil: Afterlife - Second New Trailer

Ahhh, multiple Milla Jovovich's mostly dressed in tight leather... A reason to see Afterlife if ever there was one. ;)

Enjoy the newest trailer!

Scott Pilgrim - New Trailer

I've said it before but I'm really looking forward to this movie. Loving the new trailer too!

Predators - New Trailer

Not long til this is out now but here's the newest trailer for your enjoyment, looks kick-ass!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Salma Hayek Freaks Out Big Time Over A Snake

I've seen people freak out before over spiders and the like but I've never seen a reaction quite like this from Salma Hayek during an outdoor interview when a snake popped up.

Considering the fact that she had a huge python round her neck in From Dusk Til Dawn you'd think that she'd be the one to walk over, pick it up, and chuck it in the nearest bush... but no, she has an atomic freak-out and is almost wrapped around her co-stars necks (that would be Maya Rudolph and Maria Bello). Oh and she was in such a bad state over the whole fiasco that she actually went off to hospital later on... Shocking.

Thor - Odin Revealed

If you watched Dark Knight's video on the new Thor movie from Entertainment Tonight you'll have seen Sir Anthony Hopkins in his Odin garb.

If not here's a screen grab.

Scott Pilgrim - Seven Evil Ex's Posters

Scott Pilgrim's 7 evil ex's are featured in the posters below (click for a bigger image or go HERE for the hi-res versions).

I love the look of this movie and I'm a big fan of Edgar Wright's previous movies like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Transformers 3 - Shockwave The New Big Bad?

It seems that the new Transformers 3 movie will be facing some major changes. Not least of which is the replacement/writing out of Megan Fox's character Michaela.

We now know that there will be a more coherent story doing away with the goofball humour of the previous releases (most notably the Twins from Revenge of the Fallen), there's a pledge that characters who die will stay dead, the film will definitely be in 3D, there will be a major plot theme focused on the USA and USSR space race from the sixties that Transformers had some major involvement in, and finally that the new big bad guy in the third installment is Shockwave, the laser cannon-toting cyclops Decepticon badass.

I'm less excited about this 3rd movie than I was about Revenge, but I know I'm going to enjoy it no matter what... C'mon it's Transformers!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Desperate To Play Wonder Woman!

There have been rumors of a Wonder Woman movie for a few years now, and even more rumors on who will be wearing the infamously sexy costume. Well, the latest actress to throw her tiara into the ring is none other than self-obsessed Wonder Woman fan Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Hollywood stars Megan Fox, Eliza Dushku, Sandra Bullock and Beyonce Knowles all have been rumored to be of interest to studio heads. But Hewitt is determined to bring the role Lynda Carter made famous to the big screen.

She says, “I’m fighting so hard. I think Warner Bros. is getting ready to make Wonder Woman and I really want to play Wonder Woman. I am obsessed with Wonder Woman.”

I can think of better women to play the role, some mentioned above in fact, but I can also think of worse. Hewitt has the looks (and yes I also include her huge chest as a primary part of said looks) but I can't remember a single movie I've seen her in, and I don't watch The Ghost Whisperer) so it's difficult for me to judge.

I personally think Hollywood will have to go with a huge name for Wonder Woman, I can't see it being some unknown actress, and therefore I think Sandra Bullock (if she can beef up a tad) may be a great choice. Although Charisma Carpenter would also be great as far as I'm concerned!


I saw a massive cliffhanger which I was never going to see resolved!! I'm getting the feeling that A LOT of fans saw something different as there are certainly loads of them that feel that mounting a massive campaign to resurrect the show is going to get them somewhere.

I knew about the one outside ABC studios, but there have been LOADS all over the place. Check out the crazy footage.

On a more serious note, please support the SAVE FLASHFORWARD campaign and sign the petition and get involved. Follow the LINK to PREVENTTHEBLACKOUT.COM and see what you can do, and to keep up to date with any development, and the LINK to the online petition.

This show may have been a bit slow and lackluster in the middle of the series, but that's a reflection of the studio, the marketing of the show, and the fact that you can't base the whole show on explosions and gun fights...there needs to be story too people. I'd rather see more of the worse that FF could throw my way that another second of V.........even if Laura Vandervort was naked (well, maybe that could hold my attention for a few minutes.)

Here are a few quality fan vids to get you in the mood to save the show.........bring on the next blackout.


Megan Fox Pic From Jonah Hex...

Dear God Megan Fox is seriously beyond compare...

This single new image from Jonah Hex just proves to me why she's the hottest woman in Hollywood at this time.

I'm not sure if I'll enjoy Jonah Hex for the most part, I just know that it's better because she's in it. And Transformers 3 is worse off because she's not in that!

New Mortal Kombat Video Explanation Revealed...

Dark Knight posted up an awesome new video for a new Mortal Kombat project which was such a bolt from the blue that no one knew whether it was a trailer for a new reboot movie, a trailer (albeit hi-end) for the new Mortal Kombat game showcased at E3 or just some sort of expensive fan made trailer.

Now the explanation has been given by its creator - Kevin Tancharoen (director of Fame).

The short film was shot in early April and it was shot over two days on two RED cameras for $7,500 with most of the crew donating their time. Post production took two months, and no one at the studio knew anything about the spec short film, even though screenwriter Oren Uziel wrote the script. Tancharoen made the film as a pitch for the job. The fight choreography was done by Larnell Stovall.

Here is a excerpt of Tancharoen’s comments:

I had been thinking about this for awhile now. Just in passing, I’ve always had these conversations about “Mortal Kombat” because everyone was talking about rebooting the movie. I guess that’s the popular term everyone uses now. Reboot, reboot, let’s just take everything and reboot it. Of course I had my opinions on it, because of the first two movies, and because I was such an avid fan of the game. I was a quarter dispenser, and I don’t know how much I spent over at the Sherman Oaks golf course, whatever that place is called now. Right by the Galleria. And I had a lot of opinions on it. I really, really thought that something special could be made there. And it got to a point where we just kept talking about it, and I just had to do it. It took over a two-month span of time. I shot this whole thing in two days on two Red cameras that were donated to me with a group of friends who all believed in the cause. We shot it at Lacey Street Studios on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and we just kind of had fun with it. It all started at the beginning of April and it took two months to do all the post and the editing. I edited it myself and the visual effects were great people donating their time. It turned out to be pretty awesome. I was very, very happy about it. It’s one of those passion projects that lived in my head. The technology is so accessible now. There’s was no reason why I shouldn’t do it, so I did it. I’m very, very happy that people are responding well to it. I know that there’s definitely a handful of purists that have their opinions on the mysticism and the mythos of Mortal Kombat. But I do have an answer for that: this is just a prelude to what my movie version would be. And of course, when you’re working by yourself, you have a limited resource of budget. I made this thing for $7,500. I couldn’t go balls-to-the-wall on visual effects. I had to utilize what I could and make the best of it. I want the mysticism to be treated carefully and with integrity. We just kind of went for it, and did it. And everyone was available, they believed in the project. We picked up the camera, and we went, and we didn’t stop.

New Tron Figure Rocks! has premiered a new SDCC exclusive TRON static figure from Spinmasters which rocks big time.

The vintage figure is $40 and although it's limited to only 1500pcs it's sure to sell better than most stuff at the con due to the new Tron: Legacy movie coming out... oh, and the fact that it lights up too!

I wish I was going this year but I think I'm going to save myself for 2012... Avengers year baby!

Ralph Macchio (Original Karate Kid) Spoofs Himself In Funny Video (NSFW)

I've mentioned before that the original Karate Kid movies were a huge part of my younger life and I used to see myself in the part of the movie roles that Ralph Macchio made famous. Ralph was a hero of mine back in the day...

This awesome video below from is a fake trailer for a documentary of Ralph's life showing how "too good and nice" he is and his journey to try and be worse. Very funny.

Be warned it's not safe for work!

Men In Black 3 (3D) Teaser Clip...

Sonyinsider has posted a video clip with actor Will Smith in it teasing the upcoming "Men In Black 3" movie which will be in 3D and has been nicknamed "MIB 3D". The clip was done to promote Sony 3D TV Launch Event at Sony Pictures Studio. The video is blurry because it is in 3D... Duh!

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Revealed As Next DC Animated Movie

Although I can't say I've read any comic called "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse" it would seem that this is the title for the next DC animated movie.

On the back of the DVD for Batman: Under the Red Hood the extras include a "First Look: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse - Exclusive Sneak Peek at DC Universe's Next Original Animated Movie".

Rumours state that although this may not follow any particular comic story it could feature Supergirl or Darkseid. This movie is the latest in an ongoing line which also has Jonah Hex, Green Arrow and Batman: Year One on its future release list.

Another one to look forward to!

First Official Production Image from The Walking Dead

The first official production image from the upcoming zombie t.v. series "The Walking Dead" has been released.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this series as I'm a huge fan of the comic and of course an obsessive Left 4 Dead 2 player!

Incredible Video Game Trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Crimson Blur posted up a teaser trailer for this new Deus Ex game a while back but now a full version in HD has been released and it looks like an absolute corker. It reminds me a bit of movies like Bladerunner and the Matrix and it's pretty frickin epic for a game trailer to say the least... very cool indeed.

Karate Kid Remake - Newest Trailer

Yet another Karate Kid trailer for you here.

First reviews of this movie have been exceptionally good so I'm even more hyped to see this later this month!


Michael Fassbender And Rosamund Pike For X-Men: First Class?

News from the web states that both Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds) and Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day) are both wanted for roles in the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie.

Matthew Vaughn has said that Fassbender is his first choice to play Magneto (aka Erik Lehnsherr) and he's supposedly also in the running to play the main villain in the new Spider-Man movie (although it's unlikely he'll nab both roles as they're both Marvel and would be a bit weird if he got both).

Rosamund Pike on the other hand is said to already be testing for the role of Emma Frost in First Class. English spies say that she's been spotted with some of Matthew Vaughn's casting reps and is a perfect choice for the role of Frost.

Again only time will tell with these rumours!

Tekken Live Action Movie - Poster

Another new poster for the live action movie - Tekken.

It's gonna be crap... you know it and I know it.

Amy Pond Is Hot... Nuff Said.

No new revelation here as everyone seems to think that Dr. Who's newest hottie Amy Pond (aka Karen Gillan) is gorgeous, but when you see her out of her t.v. garb and dressed up for parties like the British Academy Television Craft Awards and the Sex and the City 2 UK premiere you realise just how fine Ms. Gillan really is. ;)

Warner Bros. Hires Writers For 'Green Lantern 2' and 'The Flash'

Yep it's true DC fans, both Green Lantern 2 and The Flash movies have been greenlit and Warner Bros studios have hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, all of whom worked on the “Lantern” screenplay, to write a treatment for the second installment and come up with a script for "The Flash" as well.

Depending on which installment DC prefers than all three would go on to write the screenplay for one of the two projects.

Development on a second installment of Green Lantern this far out from the movie’s release date is rare, signaling the studio’s confidence in what it sees so far.

It also appears to be the first move the studio is making under its newly configured relationship with DC and the team thought “Flash” was the next logical hero to tackle.

Star writer Geoff Johns was appointed chief creative officer of DCE, with the aim of bridging the comics and filmed entertainment sides and the Flash character is close to Johns’ heart. The writer recently brought back to prominence one version of the character not seen since the mid-1980s and is working on a relaunch of the series.

The “Flash” film will take inspiration from Johns’ recent work and will feature the Barry Allen incarnation of the character. (In comics lore, several names have wielded the Flash mantle, though Allen, created in 1956, remains by far the most popular.)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set For The Riddler In 'Batman 3'

Say it isn't so!

When Marc Webb was announced as the director shepherding the Spider-Man reboot, many hoped he would cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role of Peter Parker. According to Movieline & Hollywood Life, Gordon-Levitt may get his chance to play a highly anticipated comic book character after all.

Gordon-Levitt is said to be the front runner to play the Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film because of the good relationship the two developed while working on Nolan’s Inception:

“Chris really dug Joseph [as an actor],” a source close to the director tells exclusively. “There was a joke at first between them [on the set of Inception] that Joseph wanted to read for Batman 3 and things heated up as filming continued.” “It’s not 100% confirmed that he’s getting [the role of The Riddler] but there’s certainly talk about it. Joseph is definitely on the short list.”

Sorry but I don't see this at all, much like I didn't see Heath Ledger as the Joker until Dark Knight actually came out. Maybe I'm wrong then!

New Die Hard Movie Called "24/7" & Was Going To Include Jack Bauer?

Huh? What? Excuse me?

Yep that's right, the new Die Hard film, which has been tentatively titled "24/7", had originally been set to team John McCLane up with 24's Jack Bauer... Or so AICN says.

It seems that the project idea didn't last too long as Kiefer Sutherland wanted to go ahead with his own 24 movie and not be tagged on to an ongoing action franchise as second fiddle. I've never seen a single episode of 24 so I have no idea if it would have worked, I can only see the movie being set in real time with ticking clocks counting down the two hours or so of movie time with both McClane and Bauer striving to defeat two separate time sensitive challenges in New York or something... Hmmmm.

The question now is: will the title of the new Die Hard stay as 24/7 or will it change. It seems sequel titles are becoming increasingly more difficult to name!

Hello Kitty Gets Cooler...

Hello Kitty is something that I remember being around when I was about 4 - 5 growing up in Hong Kong. It's been a growing phenomenon for 30 odd years and even now our house is full of it because my missus and my two daughters are obsessed with all the merchandise the little white cat features on.

I've posted various bits of artwork and merchandise on here before but these illustrated Kitty variations by artist Joseph Senior are some of the cooler things I've come across on the web. Star Wars, Star Trek, Buzz Lightyear, Robocop, Wolverine and even Batman versions are present and they're all pretty cool.

Good job they're not available in Beanie form or my kids would want the whole lot!

Hurley, Ben And Walt To Feature In The Unseen Epilogue Footage In The DVD Boxset?

OK so I'd already posted recent news that there would be a 12-14 minute epilogue added to the 6 season complete DVD boxset.

I'd also mentioned that the epilogue would focus primarily on Hurley and Ben looking after the island, which was mentioned by both of them not only on the island itself after Jack passed the torch but also in a conversation between the two of them outside the church before they all passed on.

We now hear that not only will we see them doing this job but we'll also see what happened to Walt and a few other characters that the last episode failed to mention. This was one of LOST's biggest downfalls for me during the last episode. Although it focused on the main characters that had made it through the 6 seasons it failed to answer so many crucial questions and plot points raised during its run, and it failed to complete the storylines and lives of some other crucial members of the original flight.

Hopefully fans will get just a little of what they wanted with this little tagged on epilogue. I know I'll be buying the boxset, so can't wait to watch it and see what's added!

New Mortal Kombat Game Preview Vid

E3 2010 produced some pretty cool news recently but one of the best bits for me was this new video of the newest incarnation of the Mortal Kombat gaming franchise.

I still remember the days of playing the first and second Mortal Kombat games on the Sega Megadrive (and being completely unbeatable at them for years, ahh the old days) but just seeing some of the new moves and whopping great finishing moves here brings a happy yet sadistic smile to my face. Kung Lao's hat slice at the end is far more graphic than we've ever seen before... Gnarly!

Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice - New Posters

5 new posters here from Disney's new live-action movie "The Sorcerer's Apprentice starring Nicholas Cage, Jay Baruchel, Alfred Molina and Monica Bellucci.