Saturday, 4 September 2010

Thor Movie Trailer... Yes I know It's Late...

Having had an abscence on here for almost two months I thought I'd start again by posting what was possibly the biggest piece of comic book movie greatness in recent months... The Thor movie trailer.

Now this trailer has been posted up and taken down so many times since it first aired online that I simply downloaded it and I'm posting it up myself using's own video uploading option so it stays up (even if it's now freely available online somewhere else), so apologies if the quality is crap or the size too small, or even if it gets taken down after I've posted it. If you're a Marvel/Marvel movie fan this trailer is a thing of beauty. There are questions after watching it of course, but the pros of the 5+ minutes outweigh any negatives!

While we're at it other Thor movie news states that Anthony Hopkins' role of Asgardian All Father 'Odin' may be larger than just this movie with his status being upped to the largest and most predominent God in the Marvel universe... Even though he seemingly dies in the Thor movie...

Rumours also say that various powerful artifacts such as the Infinity Gauntlet, The Cosmic Cube and The Casket of Ancient Winters will also appear (confirmed through footage and prop displays during SDCC'10), some of which may feature as the main Mcguffin/s in the Avengers movie in 2012 and even featuring in Captain America: The First Avenger where The Red Skull tracks down the Cosmic Cube held within Odin's own collection in Asgard.

Looking good Marvel, looking very good.

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Anonymous said...

It is all looking very good for Marvel at this point.

I like the idea of a further role for Anthony Hopkins too.

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