Monday, 27 December 2010

The Katy Perry Boob Fiasco...

I wouldn't usually post about something like this but I thought it was quite a funny and stupid incident at the time and something that has now spawned numerous spin-off reactions and videos.

What's the problem? Katy Perry's voluptuous chest is too big... that's the problem.

You may have heard a while back that Katy appeared on an episode of Sesame Street where she sang an alternate version of "Hot N Cold" with Elmo. The video then got banned when complaints from parents were made about the top Katy was wearing showing way too much of her ample cleavage for a kids programme.

Katy then hit back with a humorous attack via Saturday Night Live (SNL) where she bounced around in a very tight, very revealing Elmo t-shirt acting like a child in one of their skits.

Going further the creators of Simpsons decided to do a short episode with Katy where they transformed the Simpsons characters into live action puppets for an X-mas themed show where she played Moe's girlfriend... This time with Katy wearing her most revealing outfit yet, a low-cut latex dress with the Simpsons family faces all over it.

Finally Katy's chesticles got her into one final bit of trouble when they had to be downsized via photoshop for her VH1 'Divas Salute The Troops' Poster where again they were deemed way too large, and this was stated by her own team!

My own view on this fiasco is that sex sells, that's the bottom line. Katy's boobs being too big for a kids programme? Fair enough, but kids aren't the ones with the problem. It's more likely that insecure mothers felt offended and jealous by Katy's natural charms and the fact that their husbands who were watching Sesame Street with their kids were smiling more than usual that day. Katy is a beautiful and talented star who shouldn't have to feel ashamed of the fact that she's well endowed and famous for more than her voice. Bring on more of the same I say.

It just so happens that Katy's bouncy appearance on SNL has now also become one of the most popular and most viewed GIF sets of all time... We wonder why...

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