Monday, 20 December 2010


So where DID it go wrong for SGU, the newest incarnation of the STARGATE franchise? I guess it lands firmly on the doorstep of the fans.

When SGU was first rumoured and greenlit I was really impressed that the creators had decided to break a mould that was starting to get a little bit tired. We saw that fact when ATLANTIS began to get chopped and changed in an attempt to build the viewership back up. We could all see (and yes you know it's true) that ATLANTIS was a clone of SG1 and was made in the same way, the same pattern, and with the same overall tone......that's where it went wrong.

SG1 was a new, unique blend of SCIFI that we had only really ever seen from the perspective of Gene Roddenberry. It had it's basis on a classic movie and had a great lead actor in the form of Richard Dean Anderson, and it mixed in enough cult references and metaphors to ground it in reality so we could relate. It also worked because other than STAR TREK, there was very little quality SCIFI on our screens at the time.

By no means was SG1 prefect at the start of its run...........some of the earlier episodes are rubbish when viewed now against some later episodes.......but because of the lack of SCIFI programing it was given a chance by a lot of viewers and the networks.

ATLANTIS tried to just take the same formula and place it in a different setting and with a new cast and carry on the magic..............opps that didn't work now did it. The fans saw the cracks but gave it a chance, however it turned from a must watch program to a "I'll record it and watch it when I'm bored" program. We saw the signs when the show was reshuffled and Amanda Tapping was added to the cast to bring some of the hardcore SG1 fans over to the newer show....again, mistake because it just showed the weakness of the show against SG1 and the back story.

And then we get SGU announced and I see a glimmer of hope. A new show, new premise, and a totally fresh cast with some great existing actors chucked into the mix to add some star power. I watched and loved the first 3 part story........and even though the stories were bleak and sometimes slow paced, I loved the whole first season.

I think I made note of the cast coming across a little bland in the first few episodes and they needed some fleshing out.........this came later on in the season and really made me invest in the characters and their plight throughout every attack, contagion and trial they suffered on DESTINY.

DESTINY itself was beautiful, dark and mysterious: almost becoming a character in itself and the focus of the series. The characters and their interactions with the ship were mysterious and often disastrous, but their battle to cling to the ship as their best hope of getting home was powerful and brings the characters from 2D soldiers in a program and gives them some life and soul and makes you root for them.

Now what was wrong with the show...............well it aimed too high. I know that's a stupid thing to saw but it's true. Geeks don't like a lot of change and this turned SG1 on its head. It was too intelligent and too heavy for some people that liked to jump in and out of the previous programs, and it was very dark and brutal at times. It was a very real series, even down to the recruitment of a normal everyday geek like Eli at the start of the series, to having all the D list characters that you see in the background of the various series taking centre stage in the series. These aren't the all American heroes that we usually see in programs such as this, and although this helped widen the show to other viewers it also alienated the fan base that just wanted a safe show.

None of this was a bad thing in my opinion, and I think It worked and drew the show into reality. I was looking forward to seeing the show grow into a classic series, and it had already started to develop and grow only to be cut off in its infancy.

I only hope that we get some resolution and have even a small bit of closure rather than just leaving DESTINY flying through the cosmos with the intrepid SGC crew.

And what now for the STARGATE franchise? Movies? New series? Probably not. And why? Because of some moron fans that didn't like a little change and couldn't give SGU a chance......well done ass*oles! Why not screw everyone over with your stupidity.

SGU I salute you, for trying something different and breaking the mould. I'll catch you on a rerun.



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