Thursday, 20 January 2011

The History Of The Superhero Known As The Red Sun (AKA Kryptonian Warrior)!

As I was asked on Facebook today what the Red Sun's history/lore was I thought I'd post it up here for all to see. :)


"The Red Sun", once known as 'Val-Dan', is a surviving member of the Kryptonian race and one of the most highly decorated soldiers in the Order of Rao, the honour guard that protected the Kryptonian Council and Krypton's people before the planet's destruction.

Val was recovering in a cryo-stasis suit during Krypton's demise having sustained a near fatal chest wound during a bloody battle with a rogue Kandorian faction wanting to bring down the council. His near-indestructible stasis suit, which absorbed, stored and focused the red sun's solar energy into Val's body as a treatment to heal him, was propelled at incredible speed out of the planet's atmosphere after a colossal surface blast ripped the heavenly body of Krypton apart.

Val hurtled through space, along with remnants of his home planet, towards Earth, where he crash landed countless years later in the North Atlantic sea near England. He awoke to find himself on a primitive alien planet filled with much evil, and with no masters to serve he sought to fulfil his original pledge to protect the planet's laws and innocent humans who reside there.

The only problem he faced was that Earth's sun started to make him fatally weak and after using his advanced technological knowledge to adapt and power up his suit to harness the perpetual red sun energy to fly, enhance his strength and fire solar energy from the visor and palms, he found he couldn't leave it for long periods for fear of dying from yellow sun radiation, a side effect of his previous treatment. Much to his joy Val discovered that one of his brethren "Kal-El" had also survived Krypton's destruction and had become a superhero in America in a city called Metropolis calling himself 'Superman'... But to his dismay he realised that Superman didn't seem to suffer the same side effects of the yellow sun, quite the opposite, he had natural superpowers gained from it and didn't need an external suit to survive. Years after that more Kryptonian's started to emerge so Val made himself known to them all as one of their own.

Val now protects his part of the world as a valued member of the Super-family battling the forces of evil in his Kryptonian cryo/battle suit known to the world as the warrior "RED SUN"! (There's even a comic book shop named in his honour)!

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He look like Iron Man and Batman fuse together.