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Interview - Adam

Another interview for you here and this time from one of our Facebook friends and loyal customers - Adam. :)

Describe yourself briefly, who are you?

Well I am Adam, live in Chelmsford and am a quarter of a century old! Work for money and most of that money goes on comics, DVDs and anything that will take me out of reality and into my own little world.
I am an aspiring filmmaker in my spare time, but like one of my idols Kevin Smith once said " when I get time to write, I'd rather sit in front of the TV and be entertained instead "

What's you idea of a perfect day?

I have never actually thought of a perfect day to be honest, but I'm pretty sure it'd have lots of watching films with my better half and talking films all day! If any day I have consists of talking about movies, then I'm happy. I could talk all day about films, TV and writing!
If I could be given a camera and told to go make a film I'd be happier than The Joker defeating Batman!!
So let's summarise a perfect day:
Get up, make a movie, watch lots of films! - simple! :)

Do you consider yourself a Geek/Fanboy/Fangirl?

I Am 100% a GEEK!! MOVIE GEEK!! I am that guy you want on a pub quiz team if the round is Film & TV! I have this mental capacity to hold enough knowledge about the entertainment world it's scary! What's worrying is that past knowing the history of the Oscar winners for best film and the ins and outs of horror in the 1970's, I seem to know what celeb is dating what celeb!'s the downside of opening your mind to the entertainment world!
But aside from knowing irrelevant facts of Miley Cyrus's latest boyfriend, I am a massive follower of ,what I like to call "New age Sci Fi" , including Dr who ( 2005 onwards - especially Matt Smith! ) Lost ( as a writer myself, that's great storytelling in my mind ) and Tron Legacy ( Which as of January 2nd 2011 is at number 3 of all time greatest films list! ).
As well as that I am a massive Superhero movie fan with "The Dark Knight" being my Number 1 film of all time! As well as being a big fan of " The Green Hornet" and "The Green Lantern".
So all in all........... Bona Fide Geek.

What is your most common dream/nightmare?

I tend not to have nightmares! I like to be positive in my dream state! If a dream turns nasty I tend to forget them very quickly!
A common dream I've had which I can remember more than once is:
"Being stood alone in a shopping centre with a laser show happening"
What does it mean?.............No idea!

What are your 3 most prized possessions?

1- My DVD collection! It's full of some classics ( Pulp Fiction, Raging Bull, Shawshank ) some personal classics ( Beetlejuice, Gremlins, Dark Knight ) some under rated classics ( Waiting, Watchmen, Inception ) and some Guilty pleasures ( Mamma Mia, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dirty Dancing )
2 - My camcorder! Being a filmmaker it's pretty much my life! Although my friends and family are sick of it being in their faces 24/7.
3 - Apart from my fiancee obviously , My computer (PC) but mire importantly the script writing software and editing software! I could lose days on end if I'm not careful.

If you were able to choose one superpower what would it be and why?

There are too many to choose from! But after literally sitting here for twenty minutes! ( I know it was twenty minutes because an entire episode of How I Met Your Mother just finished! ) I have decided that if I could have one power and one power only it'd be to..........SHAPESHIFT!! Like Mystique on X Men but without the Blue skin! That way you could do anything! Want to visit the White house? Become the president! Want to play at Wembley? Become an England Footballer! Become a worldwide popstar? Become Lady GaGa! see what I'm getting at! Be anyone you want!!

Name your top 3 of all time of the following and why?

1- Green Lantern ( Hal Jordan ) : simply because he is like Bruce Wayne but with more personality and balls! Plus with his power and responsibility he plays it well! A true Superhero!
2- Green Hornet: playboy millionaire with gadgets?? Surely I'd go with Bruce Wayne and Batman, but he had Robin! The Hornet has Kato! Million times better!
3- The Joker: OK so not a super hero, but villains are awesome! Especially if they are played by Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson!

1- Dark Knight: Great Direction, Great Cast, Great writing........Perfect film in my book!
2- Beetlejuice: A cult classic! A film from my youth! Could watch it all day and never get bored of it!........believe me i have!!
3- Halloween and Tron Legacy: Joint! Halloween for it's score and general film style! And same for Tron! ( I feel bad for saying Tr2n is better than the first Tron, but let's face it, Tr2n had Daft Punk!!! )

Kids Cartoons
1- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: as a kid I loved these guys!
2- Johnny Bravo: who remembers this buffoon?? He was amazing! I still remember the Adam West episode! You tube it!
3- Family Guy: OK not a kids cartoon, but I started watching this back in 1999 when it came out! Everyone thought it was a kids cartoon then!......oh how wrong we were!

1- Lost: Best show ever! It divided people but I loved every single moment!
2- How I Met Your Mother: I recommend this US sitcom to anyone! It's like Friends but dare I say funnier and cleverer!
3- 30 Rock: purely for Alec Baldwin! Funniest guy on that show!

Who's the most famous person you've ever met and how did you meet them and/or who was your favourite?

I haven't met many famous people! Maybe Alan Carr at V Festival. I met Jeremy Bulloch at the Red Sun launch and had a long chat with him about Tottenham Hotspurs. He was a generally nice guy. As was Warwick Davis who I spoke to about His new sitcom coming out soon with Ricky Gervais. Again a nice chap!

What toy/collectable would you love to see made that has never been done before and why?

I don't know whether it's been made before but I'd love a model village like the one from "Beetlejuice"! That'd be awesome!

What's your favourite video game of all time on any console or on any arcade machine and why?

I got The Movies for the PC and played it non stop for days! I created hundreds of movies on it! Such a cool game for filmmakers!!

Finally - If you've been to Red Sun Comics & Collectables what would you change or add that isn't there already?

I have been to Red Sun! I am now a member! I wouldn't change anything! It's a great store!! Actually I would change one thing! domination! Make every store a red sun!!!

Well hope you enjoyed my questionnaire!   Here is a link to my you tube page where you can view my college film I made! Hope you get an opportunity to view it.

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