Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger - New TV Spot Shows Cap's Icy Recovery!

This new TV spot for Captain America: The First Avenger starts off with a scene everyone's been waiting to see, or even confirm, the discovery/recovery in our current time of Cap after his crash and freeze back in WWII...

Obviously we don't get to see all of it, just a team lowering into a crashed craft (large plane, rocket or blimp if they're going to go anywhere near the source material) and finding the famous shield under a block of ice, but still, that's pretty cool.

The question now is: Where does this happen in the movie?

At the beginning with the rest of the film being a flashback?

Or at the end, which will lead us on to the Avengers movie (not the post credit scene of course, just a final act scene).

Either way it's very cool for fans and makes us all even hungrier for the film's release!

Cool Pics From The Web...

Another outing on the web means another small dose of cool pics for you guys!


Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol - Trailer

Here's the first explosive trailer for the upcoming 4th Mission Impossible movie 'Ghost Protocol' directed by Pixar's Brad Bird.

Looks pretty cool and just more of the same from the franchise. Gotta say that Tom Cruise is never better than when playing Ethan Hunt...


The Three Musketeers - New Trailer

A new trailer here for the upcoming Paul W.S. Anderson directed Three Musketeers 3D film due in October.

Meh... We'll see.

New Thundercats Cartoon Gets A Premiere Air-Date!

Good news Thundercat fans! A date has finally been set for the premiere showing of the brand new cartoon series of Friday the 29th of July on Cartoon Network U.S.

There will be two episodes played back to back starting at 8pm EST. After that they'll be on at 8:30pm every Friday once a week.

No news yet on when it'll arrive on UK channels unfortunately!

Don't Make A Koala Angry... You Wouldn't Like It When It's Angry!

Little known fact: Koala's channel demons from the 5th dimension when they fight...

Go to about 33 seconds in for the start of possibly the strangest animal mini fight (plus nightmarish noises) you'll ever witness! :P

Oh and the guy filming couldn't have been more wrong about how Koalas fight! Pushing looks more like biting and clawing to me!

Daft Punk 'Derezzed' Guitar Cover...

Not only one of my favourite movie tunes from one of my favourite movies, but now also played exquisitely and so "frickin fast the fingers are blurry" by Youtube's 'swanthewhitepig'...

Puss In Boots - 2nd Trailer

I have to admit that I love the look of this Shrek spinoff movie 'Puss in Boots'... It's Zorro and Pirates of the Caribbean mixed with fairy tales and comic-adventure, excellent!

Torchwood: Miracle Day - New 11 Minute Sneak Peak Video

Here's an 11 minute sneak peak video for the upcoming Torchwood: Miracle Day. Lots of clips and new info here for fans!


Alphas - SyFy Original Series Trailer

It may seem a bit like a rip off of X-men (maybe that's because X-men is popular and the X-men: First Class movie came out recently) but this new SyFy original series called 'Alphas' still looks quite interesting.

The basic premise is that a secret team of humans with special augmented abilities, led by a doctor who helps them with their individual powers, fight and prevent crime wherever they can. Watch the trailer and you'll see what its'a all about...

Carp Attack!!! - Video

In what seems to be a natural aquatic phenomenon a whole hoard of Asian Carp jump around in a fishy frenzy launching themselves at this passing "fathers & sons" fishing-trip boat... Giving the occupants a nice catch to bring home for dinner, without needing to lift a finger! Personally I'd be freaked out...

This Bus Doesn't Let Anything Get In Its Way... Including A Flood!

This bus driver obviously doesn't let little things like a 3ft deep street flood get in the way of his bus route timetable!

Like a boss baby!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Final Trailer!

Yet another trailer for the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon and supposedly it's the final one before it's released in cinemas on the 29th of June.

Can't wait for this!

A little advert for 'Sirens' before the actual trailer, so sit tight and wait a few seconds! :P

And the Youtube version just in case!

The New DC Justice League Line Up...

Below is the first full roster pic by Jim Lee of the new 'rebooted' Justice League.

At first glance we're looking at the same old crew, but look closer and you'll see some minor changes to costumes and of course the new addition of the Titan's Cyborg with the omission of characters such as Martian Manhunter (although that may be him in the top left, if it isn't Deadman!) .

You'll see that Aquaman and Green Lantern Hal Jordan still look pretty classic, Wonder Woman has kept her new post #600 issue togs and then Superman, Batman and The Flash have some futuristic tweaks to their costumes with new lines and colour changes (mostly to Superman's with the all-red belt, 3-D looking chest logo, high collar top and more youthful face). You'll also notice the supporting characters in the background such as Green Arrow, Hawkman, The Atom and Firestorm.

I believe the DC reboot comics are due in September so in about 3 months we'll find out if this is all the big mistake everyone seems to think it will be or if it'll be a lucrative and popular move!

Fans Honor 'The Rocketeer' Anniversary with Original Animated Film (Video)

Let it be known that Kryptonian Warrior is, and always has been since the 1991 Joe Johnstone directed live-action movie, a massive fan of 'The Rocketeer'.

Many people put that movie in the same rock-bottom league as The Phantom and The Spirit (which are actually another two films I really liked when I was younger) but I absolutely loved it.

I fell in love with Jennifer Connelly (again), I loved Billy Campbell in the main role of Cliff Seacord, I loved Timothy Dalton as the villain, I loved the WWII setting and of course the all out swashbuckling action...

So, you get the idea... I love The Rocketeer. So let's get to the point:

The Rocketeer recently celebrated its 20th anniversary (which technically isn't actually until August 2nd in the UK) and Paris-based 'Digital Banana Studios' created an original animated short film starring the Rocketeer that honours the work of creator Dave Stevens and filmmaker Joe Johnston, who directed the live-action film.

So here you go. Enjoy!

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

Samuel L. Jackson Reads The Children's Book For Adults - 'Go The F**k To Sleep'!

The missus and I had a pretty hearty belly-laugh over this one, it's hilarious!

The new children's book for adults 'Go the f**k to sleep' written by American author Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cort├ęs not only reached number 1 on the's bestseller list but has since become a Youtube sensation after the legendary Samuel L. Jackson agreed to do the audio version...

Every parent in the world can place themselves in the position of the parent in this book and old Sammy does a fantastic job of reading every last line...

The actual reading of the book starts at 1 minute into the video after a brief audio interview.

Enjoy and note that this is obviously NSFW!

The Best Hot Toys Figure Yet? Captain America: The First Avenger!

OK so everyone knows that Hot Toys have done some amazing figures in the past, not least of which have been Abigail Whistler, Black Widow, Thor and Christopher Reeve Superman... But now the newest figure has been offered out and it's Chris Evans as Captain America in the upcoming 'First Avenger' movie... And it rocks!

Red Sun will be getting these as soon as they're released (supposedly near the end of 2011) so save your pennies now!!!

Click on each picture for a bigger version!

Immortals - New Movie Trailer

A new trailer here for the upcoming 300-style movie - 'Immortals'.

So far this movie isn't gripping me by the excitement glands, but hey we'll soon see if style out-does content!

Pixar's 'Brave' - First Teaser Trailer

Here the brand spanking new teaser trailer for Pixar's next movie - 'Brave'.

It's a Scottish themed fantasy film with a red headed girl as the protagonist (the first Pixar film to feature a female in the main role).


Exclusive DC Comics Converse Line Rocks!

One word - 'awesome'.

Famous Vehicles Get The 'Pixar' Treatment!

Love Pixar? Then you'll love these famous TV and movie vehicles that have been given the Pixar treatment!

Movie Releases For 2013...

Below is a short list of films set for release in 2013.

2 surprises there for me are Fast & Furious 6 (which I'm not complaining about at all as I love that franchise) and Despicable Me 2 (which I know The Winged Warrior will be over the moon about as well as my kids).

We're not even in 2012 and yet I can't wait for 2013's movie releases!!!

May 3, 2013:
Iron Man 3 - Written & directed by Shane Black (of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).

May 17, 2013:
The Dark Tower - Directed by Ron Howard, adapted from Stephen King's popular series.

May 24, 2013:
Fast & Furious 6 - Directed by Justin Lin (most likely), written by Chris Morgan.

June 7, 2013:
Turbo - From DreamWorks Animation about the "fastest snail in the world."

June 21, 2013:
Monsters University ('Monsters Inc 2') - From Pixar, sequel to Monsters Inc, directed by Dan Scanlon.

June 28, 2013:
R.I.P.D. - Directed by Robert Schwentke, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

July 3, 2013:
Despicable Me 2 - From Illumination, sequel to 2010's comedy Despicable Me.

July 19, 2013:
Oblivion - New sci-fi from Joseph Kosinski (of Tron Legacy), set to star Tom Cruise.

Lauren Cohan & Scott Wilson Cast For The Walking Dead Season 2

New Walking Dead casting info comes to us this week with news that the gorgeous Lauren Cohan (Supernatural and Chuck) and familiar faced Scott Wilson (C.S.I.) have joined the cast for season 2.

Cohan will play the role of Maggie Greene, the sharp, self-reliant daughter of farm owner Hershel Greene and a love interest for Glenn while Scott Wilson will play the role of Hershel Greene, her father.

Pruitt Taylor Vince was recently reported as being cast as the foreman at Hershel’s Farm.

Kirk vs Kirk - Shatner Arm Wrestles Chris Pine During Documentary - The Captains.

While filming his Star Trek documentary 'The Captains', William Shatner interviewed Patrick Stewart (The Next Generation), Kate Mulgrew (Voyager), Avery Brooks (Deep Space Nine), Scott Bakula (Enterprise) and Chris Pine JJ Abrams Star Trek Movie), and apparently thought Pine needed some loosening up as the process began.

According to Shanter:

"He's shy. So the way I started the interview, I put out a table and chairs outside the Paramount gates, and arm-wrestled with him. That was the beginning of my interview with him. I think it broke the ice, that's for sure".

No word on who won but my money's on the one true Captain Kirk - Bill Shatner himself! :)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Cool Pics From The Web...

A new dose of cool pics from the web for you here to enjoy!

(The black and white Ryan Dunn/ Bam Margera pic makes me very, very sad...)