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Doctor Who Season 6 Mid Season Finale - Amy's Baby Etc. Spoilers And Video.

UPDATE: 04/06/11 


So I was right on one of my hypotheses below and River Song is indeed Amy and Rory's half Timelord daughter. If you haven't seen the episode I apologise profusely for ruining that revelation for you!


A couple of photos and a few bits of info have appeared in magazines and online recently for the impending mid season finale of Doctor Who season 6. Spoilers!

As you're all aware by now an ongoing sub-storyline has been Amy's on/off pregnancy which has appeared on the Doctors Tardis scanner as both positive and negative due to an unknown time anomaly and we've already seen connections to Amy with the Timelord child (the little girl who regenerates and the pic of Amy and a baby we presume to be her) so we all know by now (or we presume) that Amy is going to give birth to a Timelord child (how and why are still unknown at this stage). We've also seen the weird "eye patch lady" (otherwise known as Madame Kovarian who can also be seen on the front of the Total TV Guide magazine cover etc below) pop up here and there watching Amy...

Firstly the Radio Times has an interview with Madame Kavarian  actress 'Frances Barber' who tells us that she's "involved with Amy's pregnancy before and after the birth and is in charge of a band of soldiers" (the ones seen on the front of the Radio Times cover with the hoods or the military style ones seen in the trailer, or are they one and the same?).

We also now know from the same interview page that in the mid season finale Amy starts out 9 months pregnant and in labour and has been kidnapped. The Doctor and Rory are on a mission to find her and hopefully rescue her, and the baby that's eventually born. However some old faces appear in the form of The Cybermen, The Sontarans and The Judoon! We also finally find out who River Song is and it's supposedly a "huge pay-off which you won't see coming". "A revelation so huge everyone will need the whole summer to digest it" so Karen Gillan states... Hmmm. My interest is palpable!

Unconfirmed reports (IMDB to be precise) also state that both David Tennant and Peter Davison appear in the mid season finale along with Matt Smith... Can this be so? Didn't those two appear together in a Children in Need special? Anyway this isn't confirmed and IMDB isn't always 100% accurate so we'll see.

I can jump to some conclusions though, however far fetched, based on the info we've gathered so far (and I missed the latest Doctor Who episode so correct me if I'm wrong here on any of my points).

River Song said (or it was heavily implied) she was the Doctor's future wife/girlfriend (she knew his real name the first time David Tennant's Doctor met her) and that she was originally imprisoned for killing a "hero" or at least the "bravest person she ever knew". Now we presumed it was the Doctor himself and we can even conclude that it might not have been the little Timelord girl in the astronaut suit that shoots and kills the Doc on the beach, it's River. We know that he knew it was going to happen and that he knew his killer (he spoke to her inaudibly before he was shot), so it's all planned for a reason... Will we get a conclusion to that? We'll see. To be honest River could kill Amy...

However you can also jump to the conclusion that River is actually Amy's Timelord daughter and that's why she's so good with the Tardis, knows so much about our Doctor and will no doubt bow out of the series this season after her revelation... I'm going with that for now on the info I have. However as with most sci-fi programmes nothing is ever what it seems and I'm sure the whole storyline will be turned on its head and nothing we expected will actually happen, and that's a good thing. Me and my kids want to be shocked and go "WHAT?". I also believe (due to hearing Karen has a new TV job and is appearing at LFCC in July) that Amy certainly either dies or is wiped from time etc by the last episode of the season... I hope not, but again I feel it in my bones.

Is the baby the Doctor's baby in some way? An actual Doctor's daughter? Naughty, naughty...

Lastly... And this is complete horsepoo of course... But... Is the baby the Doctor? As in - Is Amy the Doctor's Mother through some sort of Paradox and he doesn't know or his generation cycle as a girl before becoming the William Hartnell Doctor is unknown etc? The Doc has always joked about transforming into a girl so could writer Steven Moffat do something like that, fit that into his timeline/ alter history? The Doc did wipe out all the Timelords for instance... Is that the weapon they talk about in the trailer? Hmmmmm...

Also - A few questions do arise from the teaser trailer for "A good man goes to war", the mid season finale, below.

1) Why is Rory back in his Roman gear? Are we going back in time to the Pandorica incident? Cybermen, Roman Rory etc.
2) If the baby is destined to be a weapon, is she the weapon/person that kills the Doctor or just something else as I mentioned above?
3) Why are the Cybermen, Sontarans and Judoon back? Are they on the Docs side this time or bad as usual? Is the baby that important that they're all out to obtain her etc?
4) Why is the Doctor being hunted by that army ("on this day, in this place, the Doctor will fall"), is there a disaster that he causes (other than the death of all the Timelords) that they want to kill him for? Is that why he accepts his death by the astronaut? Or are we talking about "Doctor River Song"? Unlikely. My brain hurts...
5) Why do the hooded soldiers have flaming lightsabers?
6) Everytime River talks about her identity she's sad... WHY OH FRICKIN WHY?

We'll just have to wait and see... Enjoy the teaser trailer below.

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Mistress of Magic said...

I am so excited aboutt this episode. I'm a huge doctor who fan (as you may have guessed from my interview! lol) and Amy Pond is quite possibly my favouite companion (so excited she's going to be at LFCC, got my ticket to her talk already) xx