Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dinosaurs Not Killed By Asteroid And Faster Than Light Particles?

It was discovered last week that not only did an asteroid not wipe out the Dinosaurs as previously thought, but also that particles can indeed travel faster than light which was though to be impossible based on the (Einstein-based) physics in our universe.


According to NASA, its 'NEOWISE' (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) mission discovered the Baptisina asteroids (of which one was blamed for the extinction level event that killed the Dinosaurs) weren't formed 160 million years ago, as previously thought:

The NEOWISE team measured the reflectivity and the size of about 120,000 asteroids in the main belt, including 1,056 members of the Baptistina family. The scientists calculated the original parent Baptistina asteroid actually broke up closer to 80 million years ago, half as long as originally proposed.
The period between Baptisina's breakup and the extinction event is 15 million years. Although we consider that a long time, it's not long enough to be dinosaur-killing years. NASA scientists say that it takes tens of millions of years for asteroid remnants to "move into a resonance spot ... where gravity nudges from Jupiter and Saturn can act like a pinball machine to fling asteroids out of the main belt and into the region near Earth."

In other words, there wasn't enough time for the Baptisina asteroids to unseat dinosaurs as the champions of planet Earth and give our rat-sized forebears the chance to grow and develop brains, thumbs, upright spines and beer guts.

They do not however have an answer to what actually happened to our reptilian predecessors...

Faster than light:

Even though most respected scientists (and even the actual scientists who did the experiment themselves) are expecting these findings to be imminently debunked or a mistake to have been made in the calculations regarding the event, it would seem that a group of Italian scientists discovered last week that a neutrino they fired off in their lab travelled a distance of 730km sixty billionths of a second quicker than the speed of light which should have taken 2.4 milliseconds...

Does this mean that we'll be driving flying Deloreans very soon? No, it simply means that if the findings are correct then it's a huge scientific revelation in that Einstein was wrong about his special theory of relativity, physics have to be slightly re-written and that the findings could lead to advancements in power production among other things. Hmmmmm...

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Anonymous said...

I believe the NASA scientists are in error. According to an article "Chaos Killed the Dnosaurs" on
"A bizarre wobble 65 mya, perturbing the orbits of Mars, Earth and Mercury, may have caused the demise of the dinosaurs.."

It appears that this is what caused the asteroid to move within the Earth's orbit prematurely.