Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Newest Stupid Boobie Debate...

This isn't the usual kind of story we post on Kryptonian Warrior but I thought I'd put my two cents in nonetheless.

Boobs, or at least "cleavage", on British TV has become an issue again this week (based on past problems/stories) when BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid defended her clothing choices that have augmented her ample cleavage and long legs from being called "risque" or even "offensive" in the past. The 41 year old has been criticised for her outfits and for being "flirty" with actors such as Hugh Grant whilst on air. She said in an interview with Radio Times:

 "People seem to be shocked that women have breasts. There'll be complaints about the fact that there is literally a shadow showing," she told the magazine, saying that she makes a point of wearing items of clothing that don't reveal too much and avoiding jewellery that can be distracting. People are always going to talk about what women wear on TV. It's a fact of life."

The thing that annoys me, and this is why this post is even on here, is that we are now living in a world that should have accepted long ago that "sex" sells. By "sex" I actually mean the female form, whether that be girls on tech and car mags, or events to do with either of those, or selling insurance or even coffee on TV. Those may be extremes but whether we like it or not a female presenter wearing a top that shows cleavage, or a skirt and high heels that show legs, will probably keep your standard male watching that programme, or even get that male to buy into their pitch if they're selling something, far better than a dowdy one that covers up. Or a middle-aged bald man... That's a fact.

OK so that may annoy or alienate some of the more conservative ladies out there, or even the prudish men (are there any out there?), but the majority will be for rather than against a famous person showing off their curves, it's human nature and having moved past the 1960's quite a while ago this shouldn't even be an issue any more. Susanna isn't the first to be rapped over the knuckles for this kind of thing and certainly won't be the last. Carol Vorderman, Christine Bleakley and Holly Willouhby (nicknamed "Holly Willo-boobie) are a few other UK TV presenters who have run into the same trouble.

I don't think it's unfair to say that unless there's a slipped nipple or Basic Instinct type crossed legs fiasco ladies with amazing figures shouldn't be reprimanded, scrutinised, or made to feel slutty by the prudish public because a couple of inches of their God-given figures are on display. It's not pervy for men to enjoy the female form (in this way at least), it's not wrong that a woman should choose to dress in the way she dresses (in these above ways), it's a primal, human, right and people are going way too far. When Anne Robinson appears live on Watchdog wearing nothing but some thigh-high leather boots and some nipple clamps, then you'll have a reason to complain.

Rant over.

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