Saturday, 28 April 2012

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE....Stupid name for UK release....Film still AWESOME!!

JOSS WHEDON is now my hero..........Not only does he have some seriously cool TV shows (and SERENITY) upping his coolness even before AVENGERS hit the cinema, he has managed to combine some of the coolest superheroes in the Marvel universe and make a movie that presses all the GEEK buttons at once that you come out of the cinema wanting to turn around and go back in for a second showing.

Now I will stress....this movie is not perfect.......but hey what Marvel movie is. A movie is not always for everyone; someone will have a whine and a moan because Blah wasn't accurate to the 1978 versions and the Blah and Blah wasn't cannon....and Blah, Blah, Blah!!!! ITS A FREAKIN MOVIE SO SHUT UP AND WATCH!!

Without ruining the movie there are a few gripes and a few things which I didn't think fitted the tone of the movie. These are more the way the characters that appear were portrayed in their solo movies that just didn't gell too well when they were all smashed together. But this said, Joss Whedon managed to bend and mould elements of 4 other movies and make them into his own baby and make something that will be part of Marvel history for a very long time.

What I was concerned more about that anything was Mark Ruffalo and his HULK. I really liked that remake/Sequel with Edward Norton and was gutted that he didn't get bought over into the Avengers when it was first proposed...........and then they signed Ruffalo and I got concerned that he was too "Rom Com" for a superhero movie (Kinda like AFFLECK was for Daredevil)


Ruffalo plays a much more "mild mannered" Banner than we've seen, and a bit more crazy than we've seen before. All you need to know is that it works well and the HULK is probably the best CGI version to date. It's not over the top and we fits well with the others and becomes a functioning AVENGER by the end of the movie.......and the hints at a more JEKYLL and HYDE version of the HULK are hinted at by banner throughout the movie which give a much better insight into the character than just "You won't like me when I'm angry" because I turn green and smash shit for no reason and say "betty" a lot.

The Tony Stark humor from Iron man returns and there are some awesome one liners throughout the movie which made the whole cinema I was sitting in wet themselves with laughter....for all the right reasons I might add. All the magic moments that made Robert Downey Jr awesome in the first Iron Man movie have almost  seamlessly been transferred to AVENGERS to add the Marvel magic.

Don't worry about the fact that there have been a million trailers and teasers released......there's a lot more action, comedy and some serious skin tight suits on Cobie Smulders and Scarlett Johansson left to stare at throughout. And the negative reviews that have circulated insisting there are no character development moments and that there was nothing to explain about the end of THOR and how he got back to Earth.....DID YOU WATCH THE SAME MOVIE, AND IF SO WERE YOU ASLEEP?

It's all there right in a tightly packaged 140 something minutes and explains all, although maybe not in the most satisfying way for all viewers as I would have liked to see Natalie Portman again and other elements from Captain America and Thor return........Watch it yourselves and ride the WHEDON roller-coaster..........IT'S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE.

AVENGERS RATING 9.5/10 (Hey, nothings perfect or what the hell would a sequel have to improve on!!)


                                                               DARK KNIGHT

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