Thursday, 24 April 2014

Review Of Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hi Guys,

So what did I think of the second comic book film of the year? I really enjoyed myself while watching this movie. It has great action, a great cast and a coherent story. Andrew Garfield puts in a great performance as the title character, he does both Peter's angst and Spidey's humour  equally well, Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacy well as both Peter's supportive girlfriend and as an individual who has her own life. Sally Field is awesome as Aunt May trying to work out how to keep things going after the death of Ben in the first film but still coming to terms with his death.Dane DeHaan and Jamie Foxx do well as our villains showing us how being normal is a struggle and what would if you lost yourself to the negative side of life. Paul Giamatti was good as Aleksei Sytsevich but wasn't really in it enough to be considered a main cast member.


I thought Harry was a little rushed but not as badly as in Spider-Man 3. I think introducing multiple new villains together doesn't work well because one of them will overshadow the rest.My only other problem with the film was the pacing. One minute we're having a slow heartfelt moment with Gwen then we're fighting Electro, next we're checking in with Aunt May making sure she's OK then we're web-swinging across New York. I know they're different kinds of scenes and they should move at their respective speeds but it just seemed jarring and doesn't flow right for me.


Being a comic geek I loved the little references here and there:
  • The scene with Gwen and Spider-Man had me mind-shouting at the screen for it to end knowing Gwen's history with bridges. 
  • Norman Osborn being green and  having long fingers made me smile. 
  • Having Alistair Smythe as Max Dillion's boss was great.
  • Peter's ringtone being the 60's cartoon's theme.
  • Stan Lee's obligatory cameo.
 Speaking of comic book references the post credits scene was awesome but a bit of tease as we know it won't going any further. Still no shared universe with Spidey.
One final thing I have to comment is the music in the film, more specifically the music they use for Electro. I've got to admit I despise dub-step with fiery passion, but even I'll say it fit Electro perfectly. 

  The film wasn't perfect but it still gets an  8 out of 10 from me and I can't wait for the next one.

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