Thursday, 22 May 2014

Agents of Shield- Nothing Personal review

Hello cult lovers,

Following on from Skye's discovery of Ward's betrayal last week I was anticipating this episode immensely. Agent Maria who was last seen in the pilot turns up to what looks like arresting Coulson and his team but once she has a little chat with him she decides to aid them by kicking some soldier butt.
Also, I believe Agent Maria decision may have been influenced by a surprise visit from Agent Mai who seems to spent a lot of her time either trying to protect or save Coulson from inpending doom which I find very admirable.
I think it's brilliant that you never quite know who you can trust as so many of the SHIELD agents have betrayed each other which brings a large amount of gripping viewing and it never becomes boring because the new agents that are brought in all have their own unique characteristics.
As Skye and Ward make their way into a random cafe so that she can decrypt the drive, I loved the dialogue between them because their both playing one another and yet either of them know it so they keep trying to pull secrets and motives out of each other which at this stage in the series enables the plot to flow at a rapid pace that is both exciting and thrilling. Skye's climatic reveal to Ward that she has signed him up as a fugitive online was brilliantly built up with the suspense and tension.
She then makes a break for it but is shocklingly captured by Deathlok who is in partnership with Ward and Hydra.
I thought this made sense as the two most powerful villians are working together creates a believe threat that will lead into a big conclusion.
The creative way Ward's betrayal was revealed to the team was heart pounding because the light from the image behind Skye's writing emphasised the words for me to realise that this is a massive development for the group that was achieved very imaginatively.
Simmons answer to this was 'Pancakes' which was the highlight for me in the episode because it felt so poignant in all the power, war and deceit that is going on that that word just brought a human coping mechanism that felt familiar and a great relation for the show.

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