Saturday, 31 May 2014

Last episode of Agents of Shield

Hello all,

I just wanted to write about the comclusion of this epic series. Its progression has been phenomenal as we've discovered so much about the characters.

1) Ward was an agent of Hydra.

2) Mai had been in contact with Agent Fury.

3) Skye's parents are monsters, I'd think they are as at the end of this episode, her father appeared to be covered in blood as he comfrotably sat in a dark room.

The concept of this massive organisation supposedly being dead was I think how this episode allows us to learn that the agents of SHIELD weren't agents because they were trained to fight against aliens and other strange phenomena but that they do it because they believe it's the right thing to do.
I really felt that as Coulson and his team busted their way to stopping Garret by literally exploding the building he was in, there was a lot of excitement and new comedy lines in there as Coulson asked his team if they were ready to change the world and then Mai just nonchalantly replied with, 'I just want to kick some ass'.

Honestly, I just howled with laughter once she'd said that and I think that's what makes these characters so engaging because their all so different and they each have their own beliefs but then they come together to protect people and they all have one mission in mind.

A vivid and beautiful highlight of mine was when Simmons and Fitz were at the bottom of the ocean and they were talking about death. Simmons description of how every particle in her body would become a part of another living thing and her energy would pass or be converted into something else was stunningly written.

I found this very endearing and it made me feel less terrified of dying myself. All the little strands came together with Deathlok suddenly deciding to I guess be his own manborg and watch over his son.
Ward was with no surprise taken of to be tortured and massacred. The creative and unique mind of Joss Whedon has I think just given us a taster or a build up of greater stories to come and I cannot wait!
 GO AGENTS OF SHIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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