Sunday, 31 August 2014

Doctor Who Into the Dalek review

The next instalment of series 8 continues with a really fascinating and complex Dalek story which grated at the questions of Dalek morality and the question of can these creatures ever possess any emotion apart from hate and by the conclusion of this episode the answer is yes and no.
Ultimately, when the doctor's mind combines with the Dalek's the Dalek clings onto the Doctor's hatred for the Daleks which fires the Dalek into exterminating his own kind. It raised a complicated question of the Dalek telling the doctor that he is a good dalek made me think about whether I thought this was true or not, and to an extent I did because everytime the Daleks have turned up the doctor has shown a rage and fire within him always leads to them being blown up.
However, other occasions we have seen the doctor try to give the Daleks another option other than dying to which they have always unsurprisngly declined which has led to the Doctor destroying them.
I commend Phil Ford and Steven Moffet for delving deeper into the very depths of a Dalek and allowing the viewer to think about what makes a Dalek and their relationship with the doctor.
Now there wasn't only the Daleks in this episode, oh no there was the introduction of Danny Pink.
I loved the quick transistions that Clara had to make from being in a school cupboard to then being minituarised and placed inside the most deadliest creature in the universe was something so unique to Who it just reminded me of what a life it could be.
I enjoyed getting to know Danny and a bit about his history and personality without feeling like his character was misplaced in the story.
Peter's doctor continued to intrigue and scare me at his dark, brass and moody incarnation as a clear statement of 'I'm the doctor and I am brilliant'.
I like how he switches from being quite rude and harsh to the next making a pun and hoping someone laughs.
Visually, I was so impressed by the different creative effects that were inccorporated in this episode for instance when the doctor and Clara are entering the Dalek and you get this kind of blue haze that makes them all distorted and watery was really something exciting.
An imaginative, striking, fast, comical, dramatic and fascinating story!

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