Saturday, 13 September 2014

Doctor Who Listen Review

Hello and thank you for reading my review of the latest Doctor Who episode written by Steven Moffet- Listen.
One of the main elements that I thought made this story one of the most unique in terms of the basis of the episode is concentrated on the Doctor's psychology and his own fears.
As a fan into the intricate threads of the Doctor's mind I rolled around with a look of joy on my face when I absorbed myself into this story.
What I love about Steven Moffet's writing is that he takes the most ordinary thoughts and fears of us all and twists and moulds into in a frenzy of disturbing and terrifyingly stories that dig into the characters lives.
Alongside the Doctor theorising and frowning at the invisible and if at all real creature was Clara's romantic liasion with the Mr Pink.
I find Danny a very peculiar and fascinating man and find his and Clara's first date to be really funny and quietly beautiful in the midst of the Doctor popping up all over the place.
Also, I would like to highlight on the Doctor and Clara's relationship in this episode as feeling like the doctor wants so desperately to protect her and the special scenes of the doctor standing in Clara's bedroom after her hideously awkward date a rare but cherishable relationship that is so strange and wonderful that I never want it to end... which it will I'm guessing probably very soon.... great.
Anyway moving on, I think what was really interesting about Listen was how Clara will have to deal with the realisation that she's just met the younger version of her date and majorly influenced him to become a soldier. Timey wimey I'll bet.
But what was a complete shocker was we got to see a smidge for the first time ever (I think) of the doctor as a child and finally discovering why the War Doctor decided to travel to a barn in the middle of almost nowhere. Thank you Steven for relieving me of that burden.
It was so intelligent of him to complete that story of Clara being the person who instigated those fears into the doctor and to influence his decision to go back to the barn in the 50th anniversary.
That raises the question; did the creature in this story actually exist? Well, I think it did because the doctor wasn't the only one who saw the mysterious being and Clara also heard the knocking coming from the other side of the locked door at the end of the universe.
Similiar to Midnight, I like the uncertainty and creepiness that we never get to actually see the creature or find out what it was, where it came from and what it wanted.
The direction of was thrilling and creative, the story sublime and the script was plotted cleverly, there was warmth, hilarity, darkness, mystery and magnificence in the Doctor's thoughts and his interaction with Clara. One of the best!!

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