Saturday, 6 September 2014

Doctor Who Robot of Sherwood Review

Hello Whovians,

One of the magical ingredients of Doctor Who is that the tone, style, story and characters change so vividly and rapidly each week.
And this week was one of warmth, comedy, archery competitions and a fictional character- Robin Hood!
I have to admit I haven't really seen much of Robin Hood or know much about him so this episode really helped me to understand who he is and why he's such a legend in the storytelling universe.
Casually, this story begins with the doctor asking Clara where she would like to go and then completely dismisses her in pure Capaldi brilliance.
Here comes the TARDIS landing in Sherwood Forest and is greeted by an arrow puncturing the blessed time machine.
I loved the contrast in tone from last week because in every series you want a mix of different stories which each individual can enjoy and pick as their favourite.
Blatantly, the doctor spends the majority of his time agreeing with Robin and disbelieving that he is indeed real.
This was where the immense comedy factor resided and I found their relationship very refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.
Clara to me felt like the one to save the day as her characteristics of taking the lead and making the doctor follow her really expanded her character even further and her genuine admiration for Robin was really sweet and absorbing in terms of how cute she was around him.
Peter Capaldi continued to push his version of the doctor into new territory and how his reactions and relationships with the people around him are I feel were very unpredictable which at some moments are really scary which I like.
In addition, I don't think the story was the main focus for this episode but obviously the structure and quality has to be maintained which it does clearly because I was constantly thinking which characters were the robots and which were real.
Also, the doctor's conversation with Robin at the end of the story was very enlightened and I felt like Robin taught the doctor something and proudly expressed his acceptance of not knowing whether he was real and admitting he wasn't a hero.
Relating to this, I believe the main point of this story was not only to throw a lot of laughs but to delve into the doctor questioning whether he thinks he is a hero or not which in this instance we don't really discover.
This was the right decision because I don't think a real hero would ever fully accept that they were a hero because otherwise they wouldn't do the things that they do to be the hero so I applaud Mark Gatiss for exploring this piece of the Doctor's character whilst injecting a dose of fairytales, wildly strange characters and an intelligent but not to selfish plotline.
Now let's listen.........

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