Saturday, 25 October 2014

Doctor Who- Forest of the Night Review

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So trees....everywhere!! There is no one villian of this piece, just multiple trees which is what makes this story so sublime and magical.
A fairytale concept that aims to set up the forest as Earth's shield in juxtaposition to predictable invaders.
The conclusion that the doctor faces is that he cannot face nature or psychics and when he leaves I utterly and completely believed for a second that the doctor was going to leave the Earth to die.
And he does, he flies away but then discovers that this has happened before but the human race forgot and the trees were there to act as an airbag to protect the Earth from a solar flare from the Sun.
Thankfully, I loved the children characters as each one had their own believable personality whether that be; vulnerability, anger management or an intense need to panic. They made me laugh and I was genuinely interested in who they are and their relationships with each other.
Then there were wolves and a TIGER, running after the doctor and Clara was something so fantastic, fresh and a representation mystical creatures found in the most warming and heartwarming stories that forever sit in the minds of children.
A most impressive production element of the episode was the direction; with the camera following the doctor around the TARDIS, the chasing scenes, and the shifting of the doctor looking at the individual children to look for Mauve.
What I found to be most phenomenal was the evolution of Clara's character as her priorities are to protect the children but is more focused on what caused phenomenon to occur.
Also, she continues to lie to Danny when he comes across some the children's school books in the TARDIS even when she thought the world was going to end. Very bad.
This predicament just makes her character even more interesting to watch and revamps a circle of excitement around how she is going to depart from the doctor which is inevitable in the life of the companion.
Danny's little description of what Clara means to him which was very sweet and adorable. I find that their relationship becomes unstable when the doctor is around. 
Who saves the world here, no, it's not the doctor but the children- Awwwww what a great conclusion to this beautiful story.
Colourful, incredibly fairytale like, moving, stunning and spectacular. I welcome back Frank Cottrell- Boyce.

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