Saturday, 4 October 2014

Doctor Who Kill the Moon review

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Well, well, well, well what an episode that was! Blimey, the doctor and Clara's relationship has really entered a new and fascinating conundrum.
The beginning of the story sets a groundbreaking theme that just made me go 'Whoo, what is going to happen here'?
It was such a bold move to make by the writer Peter Harness but one that I was thankful for in that it set the tone of the story where sometimes things are just bad, really really bad.
All was not lost in the comedic aspect as Clara explains to the doctor that telling Courtney that she wasn't special and his confused expression as a response was a delightful speck of lightness.
Not only that, but the doctor referring to Courtney Woods as a what instead of a who was a funny reminder that the doctor is such a long streak of alien that could leave me in fits on his description of how he sees humans.
I was glad that Clara hadn't actually agreed to allow Courtney to take a trip in the TARDIS because that would have just been really bad teachering or make her the coolest teacher ever for just allowing one of her students to be whizzed around in the doctor's box depending on how you look at it.
To point out, this story for me was one of the most creative and intriguing of the whole series because as a concept the idea of the moon being an egg for an enormous creature about to hatch from it inconceivably brilliant and creative.
More so that whenever I gaze upon the moon from now on all I will see is a big egg and the image of a majestic creature hatching from it.
The approach that the doctor takes was a huge development in how he leaves it to Clara to decide whether to let the creature live or let the Earth die.
It's quite a dangerous development that the doctor has become so unpredictable and erratic in his decision making. I really never know which path he is going to take which I quite like.
I think the doctor has to be like that to remind the audience and his companions that he is an alien and sees the universe differently to everyone else.
The surprise for me in this episode was how much I enjoyed Courtney's character, there is such a sincerity, warmth and attitude that is not overbearing but quite fitting for her character.
They were certainly incredibly horrifying and skittlish not just bringing the scare elements but discovering that they are bacteria for the creature about to hatch from inside the Moon a very clever role for these eight legged beasts.
At no point did the pace feel rushed or pushed because there was time for the confrontational scenes between the doctor and Clara to breathe and expand further into their future journeys.
I love the writers for bringing different sides to Clara's character as she hounds the doctor for leaving her to make quite a big decision that could destroy the whole planet or a brand new creature just born.
The jokes that were weaved into the dark and despairing scenes were great and quite hilarious in the anguish and black mood of the fateful decision making. 
I don't mention the CGI much which I do regret not because it's not fantastic, the work done on Who are the best I've ever seen but I forget to mention everything that I loved about an episode.
So here I am applauding the phenomenal CGI that has been achieved on this episode- the shot as the TARDIS crew gracefully make their way on the surface of the Moon was absolutely stunning and so detailed.
I was astounded by the colossal scale of how far you could see the Earth from the character's point of view really beautiful.
A phenomenal, creative and character driven drama that is packed with frightening spiders and landscapes that could inspire an insect.

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