Saturday, 1 November 2014

Agents of Shields season 2 Heavy is the Head Review

Hello there readers,

The conclusion of a story that is only the second chapter of a suspense fuelled, ass kicking story thread.
As Kroel (I think that's how you spell his name) is still on the loose pacing himself around in cafes on the high road to meet with Hydra.
Hydra itself feels like a very intellectual and strange opposition to the Shield team, no doubt their aims to dominate the world probably bring them into the rather insane spectrum of motivations.
Although I think that some of Hydra's agents i.e. Ward believed that what they were doing was for the greater good but even thoughts and perspectives have probably twisted and manipulated them into something too horrifying to comprehend.
Alas, there was Mai zooming after Kroel on her very cool motorbike ready to blast his head from the rest of his body.
I wander though how does she never sweat in such humid conditions and with the additional black leather to adhere to it must be quite a challenge to move around in. But it's Mai so she can do anything.... most likely.
Let's not forget Fitz who in this episode managed to feel like himself again when he realised that he had already created a device which would be able to stop Kroel. Go Fitz!
I'm terrible with names so I am going to call him the British agent of the Shield team. Now he looked like he was going to be a valuable member of the team but then he zapped the rest of his fellow agents with ice guns/rays to avenge Hartley's death.
Truth be told, it didn't go altogether that well as Coulson had to intervene and personally attach Fitz's brilliant device onto Kroel's back.
The British agents's character kept swifting between the justicification of his morals which was very tense and adrenaline fuelled because I was always on edge trying to figure out what he would do next.
A fascinating part of the episode was when Coulson started to stratch out some kind of what looked like a computer style pattern that you would find on a hard drive. It will be interesting to find out what it means and where the patterns or circuits have originated from.
Finally, we get to see Skye's dad and it's Bree's husband from Desperate Housewives! He's a very creepy and unnerving addition to the story but one I think will play a vital role in. Is he human or not? I'm kind of hoping not, it's more fun that way!

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