Saturday, 25 April 2015

Agents of Shield Civil War Review

The one aspect of this episode is its success in being able to link Shield's story in that it isn't the 'real' Shield with Skye's although I don't believe that there is such an organisation that can be deemed the 'real' Shield.
Coulson is as much a strong leader then the man who appears to be running the actual organisation. All of the team members have worked tirelessly to save the lives of people and superheroes alike.
Whether or not Coulson has something alien inside of him, he has still led his team to protect the lives of innocent people and keep them safe.
Both teams should be working together so that they can be stronger and diverse when fighting against Hydra and other unknown forces yet to come.
Additionally, when it came to Skye I thought the glimpses of her powers gradually seeping through was a very effective approach to allowing us and the character to try and figure out what kind of being she is going to become and how she can utilize her powers for some means- she can manipulate water, air and the earth.
I hope next we will be seeing some fire action where fireballs will light up the skies and Skye will have to find a way to mould her powers to her own authority.
Swaying away from Shield and Skye arcs, I was very impressed with the writers for allowing Simmons character to show less scientific and a more sneaky side when it came to harboring Bobby. 
Genuinely, I was not expecting this at all, not because I don't believe that there are any different sides to her character but just because she was so believable in pretending that she didn't know that Bobby was behind the blackout. Go Simmons!
It's very intriguing to know that there are these open wounds when it comes to discovering who Coulson has actually been working for and whether the 'other' shield has some ulterior motive.
Civil War has been very interesting in its story arcs, fast pace, stunning special effects and cleverly constructed timelines.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Marvels Agents of Shield episodes 12 and 13 review

The continuation of Skye's discovery and terror of her new mysterious powers has kept me dubiously stuck to keeping the eight o'clock slot of my Friday night free.
I even have to tell my Mum to keep quiet when it's on, she just doesn't understand that I have to have absolute silence to follow the story in detail.
In addition, this week I couldn't help but laugh when Mai's husband came on board and Fitz said that there's one who listens and the other never speaks. That was a precise summation of their relationship I think and it gave us to see an actual human response from Mai in the form of laughter.
Not only that but the depiction of Simmons struggle at Fitz's betrayal was a valid touch to the story that is so heavily Skye orientated.
I find Mac's character a bit boring in that he doesn't seem to bring much energy and I don't feel anything for his character. Also, his reveal that he's working for the real shield felt really fake in terms of how the actor executed his dialogue. I felt like there was no feeling from him and that he was literally saying the words because he had too.
However, I have enjoyed his relationship with Fitz and Simmons as he seems to really care about them and the work that they do. 
Skye's father is a bit strange and I felt he wasn't really needed because he felt really small in terms of the damage he could do whereas the people he recruited to take down shield were far more terrifying than him, I mean that man who killed all those cheerleaders just by roaring was just scary.
I felt like Coulson has taken a back sit in these episodes and that he's lost some of his authority because so many other members have their own agendas. 
Hopefully, he'll be brought back into it a bit more once the team come back together.