Saturday, 9 May 2015

Agents of Shield Review

As a starting point, I very much enjoyed the flashbacks that we saw of how May became the person she now is. 
How she came to be this very blank, stern and almost emotionless character renders itself to seem acceptable now as she believes that she doesn't deserve to feel anything other than that she thinks that all she can focus on is the mission and kicking the bad guys butts.
Connecting with this, we were opened up into a little bit of Skye's past as well as she explained to her ageless mother that she never felt like she belonged anywhere.
To which her mother then admits to who she really is and may I point out that the scene where Skye causes an avalanche and creates a song by manipulating the water were two of the most unique and memorable that I have seen of the show.
I've been finding it hard to connect with Raina's character as I don't feel like she fits into the current stories and am not particularly interested in where she progresses from here.
However, I was incredibly in awe of the prosthetic make up that was created for her new transformation.
I'm really loving that Simmons and Fitz are on their own mini missions to in a way reunite the team back together as I feel like their place on the team hasn't really been as included as I think they could have been.
Skye's mother is a very engaging character that I find to be somewhat of two people as she seems like a really compassionate and caring person but then I've seen glimpses of a more ruthless side an example being that when Cal asked to see Skye after being left in a room for who knows how long, she very calmly replied, 'No'.
It is just the way that she says it is a bit of a defining maliciousness that sent shivers down my spine as she held such gravitas in that one word.
The stories are flying by with some unique surprises and mysteries to yet to be told. I hope we see more of Skye's new found powers and she is reunited with her Shield family some time soon.

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