Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime Episode 1 Review- The Secret Adversary

The BBC has always produced high quality period dramas and this new adaptation of Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence  novels has really drawn me into Christie world with sparkle, gravitas and style.
Obviously, I was aware of the ITV Poirot and Marple stories but they never seem to interest me. I don't think it had anything to do with the plots themselves because I always admire writers who can create a really chilling, complex crime story.
But I have found with the Tommy and Tuppence novels in particular, it is the characters themselves that have made me actually obsessed with the show and it's characters.
Importantly, I think that is extremely valuable to have a female lead who refuses to be what society expects of her. Tuppence is independent, curious, intelligent, caring, loving and witty with this incredible love of investigating and living life as an adventure.
To me, I find that very appealing as a viewer and if there are any Agent Carter fans are out there who also watch the show, I hope you see the similarities between Peggy and Tuppence. They both know their value and they're not going to let anyone tell them otherwise which is how it should be.
In particular, I love that Tuppence is willing to masquerade as different people and put her own life in danger for the sake of her country. Not to say that Tommy doesn't do the same. I have seen some extraordinary bravery from him in this episode, those crooks he encounters are terribly creepy.
There were some fabulous flirty moments that I found hilarious because there is something so original about a married couple in the middle of solving a mystery who are then smirking at each other in the midst of almost being seriously hurt or worse- killed.
However, I think at that moment they don't really understand how much danger they are putting themselves in, either that or they are just providing some light relief for each other.
I must highlight the decision to bring this story into the 1950's. Personally, I think that it benefits the story brilliantly because if we had seen the pair when they were just starting to fall in love then I think that there would be too much focus on them and the plot would drift off into the ether.
Admittedly, it means I get to smile at the beauty of the 50's fashion- the little hats that Tuppence wears are adorable and I was very pleased to see women of the time actually wearing trousers.
Television soundtracks don't really get mentioned much but I happen to think they bring so much a story. Tim Philips (composer) has done a brilliant job at capturing the twang and swing of the 50's that fits the adventure like a delicious and compact sandwich.
I have been so engrossed into this series that I have even the novels from my library so i can enjoy more Tommy and Tuppence novels and see their journey unfold. 
Such a unique mystery/adventure series with lots of cracking characters, blissful settings and costumes.
The writing and direction has encompassed the essence of the era as have David Walliams and Jessica Raine for their characters. I feel another obsession have already brewed.

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