Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Partners in Crime 'The Secret Adversary' Episode 2 Review

Well, that was an incredibly tense and nasty cliffhanger. Tommy was about to be beaten with a hammer but luckily Mr.Brown phoned just in time to give Tommy a job to do.
His son has been threatened which highlights the vicious and callous nature of these criminals.
It really feels like the opposition has been raised as we along with Tommy and Tuppence realise how dangerous these men are. 
The couple's decision to completely ignore Carter and continue with the investigation is a wonderful development as they seem to enjoy delving more into the mystery.
As the pair separate into their own little adventures, I have been able to see vulnerability and uncertainty within both of them.
Tuppence is trying to find new ways in which to sneak a peak into Rita's room that needs a set of keys to be opened, pointing out the fact that if someone locks a certain room then there is definitely something fishy going on.
Neither of them know what is going to happen and yet they still stay strong and try there best to save Jane Finn. They are scared for themselves but are willing to take the risk and there is courage and bravery in both of them.
These scenes were by far my favourite; Tuppence becoming increasingly annoyed at Rita's cat and her using a tape recording of a type writer being used just to get out of the job she is meant to be an expert in.
Tommy's undercover work is equally amusing, he doesn't show much expression that he is the Mr.Brown who everyone is afraid of. 
As he gets into his stride, I did feel for him when he had to watch whilst the man who knew he was an imposter, who was killed right in front of him.
I like the change in direction that this episode takes when Tommy and Tuppence have to drug Mr.Drennon so they can get the thousand pounds they need to give to the beastly criminals. But the money drops out of his jacket and is given to the police so they have to spontaneously have to think of a new way in which to acquire the money. 
I thought this was a clever way of dropping some reality into the story to tell its audiences that not everything goes the way you hope it will.
After the mystery of the word- 'Anassa' I am counting the days for episode 3.  

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