Saturday, 7 November 2015

Agents of Shield S3 Among Us Hide Review

Among Us Hide shows that you can never know who some people really are. We're right back into the action with Andrew having survived the explosion with his version of events explaining what happened.
May certainly isn't entirely forgiving towards Hunter as she tells Coulson that she is back on the team and ready to hunt down Ward.
There is an exciting action scene between her and Mockingbird which May was using as a test to see if she was ready to get back into the field.

Whilst this is all going on, Daisy is taking up a lead to find out who Lash really is and thinks it's something to do with Rosalind's second hand man. It was a lot of fun to see Mac, Daisy and Hunter working on their own mission as it gave us time to see them work through their issues with each other; Hunter nearly getting Andrew killed being the main focus.

In addition, it seems like everyone has got their individual missions  going on as Coulson tags along with Rosalind to see her secret base where they contain the Inhumans they capture. I wasn't surprised to see what they were doing with them as their reputation doesn't really do much for their moral values. However, I think that the audience needed to see into Rosalind's character a bit more to understand her motivations and her husband's death lends itself value.

We get a glimpse into the progression of Fitz and Simmons relationship; Fitz becomes doubtful into getting Will back as Hunter points out, there could be competition. But this is what I love about Fitz, he doesn't think that way, he's always seeing it from a unique perspective- he saved Simmons's life so he believes he owes Will. Wonderful!

As the episode concludes, the reveal of Lash was very cleverly built up as May interrogated Von Strucker as he bled to death. I had my theories that Andrew could have been Lash but I didn't think that it would be true because I always Andrew was the more human side to the team- he didn't have fighting skills or superpowers but a great mind. It will certainly be fascinating to understand how long he has been hiding this and why he has been killing all of the other Inhumans.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how May and the team try to understand Lash's identity as I could see from May's reaction that she seemed utterly terrified that she doesn't really know who Andrew is or why he's been killing the Inhumans. I don't know where the story will end up but it always does end up being the person who the plot never really focuses on.

Very clever writing, slight humor with marvelous and thrilling action sequences!

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