Saturday, 7 November 2015

Doctor Who - The Girl Who Died Review

The Girl Who Died  felt like the comedy romp that presides every series in Doctor Who and then features a cliffhanger that changes the tone so drastically, I certainly wasn't ready for it.
The opening scene of Clara floating in space was so cool, I have to give praise for the special effects team who captured the visual beauty of space so eloquently.

When the Doctor and Clara arrived I was a bit confused when Odin appeared in the sky as I it took me a while to understand who he actually was as I felt like everything happened so fast, I didn't have time absorb the story.
More importantly, I think that the strength in this episode was with the comedy value between the Doctor and the Vikings.
There was also some valuable scenes with the Doctor and Clara at his realisation of what he has made of her. Their evolving partnership seems to be be building towards something huge and life changing.

Maisie William's character-Ashildr was very intriguing and mysterious especially when she tells the Doctor that she has always felt different. I did for a moment wander if she was a lost Time Lord that the Doctor thought he knew.
I was very astounded when she so suddenly died and then was brought back, leading to her immortality. This was something very new and unique in terms of story. I think it makes the story more exciting and refreshing.

I have to mention the nostalgic moments of the Doctor finally realising why he gave himself his face. It felt really weird seeing the Tenth Doctor and Donna, so long ago.
The Doctor translating what the baby was saying was outrageously funny and seeing a Viking trying to work out how to use an iphone was a fleeting moment of joy.

The story was not what I expected but in a brilliant and unique way. I loved the idea of Ashildr being a Hybrid and the Doctor becoming tired of losing people. I did find that the Mire didn't feel particularly powerful or scary really. It was no-one's fault but I just think that they didn't make much of an impact of a formidable opponent.

Thoroughly enjoyable, historical, funny and emotional adventure with a very different and exciting cliffhanger!

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