Saturday, 7 November 2015

Doctor Who- The Zygon Invasion Review

What a stonker of an episode that was ! My god I was shrieking , literally gasping for breath at that cliffhanger!
A prequel to the 50th encounter with the Zygons, this time we see full blown Zygons, who I find astonishly terrifying; their snarls and hisses and their sneaky ways of having already started their invasion without the Doctor or UNIT realising is ghastly.

The Doctor talking to the two seven year old commanders whilst having a go in the slide and monkey bars kind of sums up the Doctor for me and was hilarious in its entry point into where the Zygons are now with twenty million of them living amongst us.

Personally, I loved that we got to see the Doctor, Clara and UNIT travelling to different points in the world, it reminded me of Torchwood a little which was quite strange but entirely thrilling.

As a lover of the UNIT 70's Earth adventures, I very much welcomed the return of UNIT as they add such an epic layer to the story that when we find out that they have been fooled by the Zygons as well as the Doctor, I got really scared for the planet.

In addition, this episode felt so grown-up but with so much sophistication and interpretation of modern day society issues regarding benefits and immigration. Something entirely new but with the blobby jokes layered within that, it makes for wonderful storytelling.

When I saw the little boy's parents dragging their son in a bag into the lift, I was really shocked at how dark that looked and really felt scared for what the Zygons were capable of. I have to mention Osgood because I love her so very much; she is the bearer for us fans, cosplaying the Doctor's in marvellous fashion.

Finally, we get to the cliffhanger, now I was so blown away with this twist that I was kind of gasping, shouting 'No' and squealing with how cool it was at the same time. Jenna Coleman plays evil so slyly like she knows that she can have fun with this.
When I look back at the little things that Clara does; tying her hair back, calling Jac middle-aged, holding a gun and saying that she's enjoying herself are all slight but in your face clues but one in particular did make me worried about Clara, and that was the middle-aged stint. When I first heard Clara say that to Jac, I actually believed that Clara could actually say that, now that she seems to be becoming more reckless and arrogant. I find that quite scary in where Clara is heading but I have hope that she will do good in the end.

And we're not even given enough time to digest that because she's already firing a missile at the plane that the Doctor's in, and he has no clue whatever! I really don't know how he is going to get out of this one but I am going to come up with lots of theories to fill the time until next week.

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