Sunday, 27 December 2015

Doctor Who- The Husbands of River Song review

Doctor Who at Christmas. There is nothing magical enough to beat it. This festive edition to the traditional specials have to be one of the best and most memorable.
One of the reasons why is that of the return of River Song- the wife to the Doctor and naughty archaeologist. 

It seems a perfect fit to see River change roles with the Doctor on an adventure that is both light, funny and exciting. It begins with a case of mistaken identity in that sweet Nardole thinks the Doctor of a surgeon, who River has sent for to help King Hydroflax.

Fandom was cheering as the 12th Doctor came face to face with River. Here is where the brilliant notion comes to fruition- the Doctor gets to see what River gets up to when he's not around.

It seems she is rather more naughty than we'd ever seen her! She married Hydroflax because he had a valuable diamond in his head that she wanted and then planned to saw off his head.
There is a new atmosphere when they interact with each other because River isn't trying to be the mysterious woman that the Doctor has been fascinated by. 

Alex Kingston has never played River better; there is so much fun, range to her delivery and a cool, sassy attitude that is infectious not to smirk at. River has never been so deliciously wicked as we find she has another husband- Ramone, who she doesn't mind smooching in front of the bemused Doctor.

The settings and atmosphere is full of warm oranges and sparkling snow that is absorbing on the screen.

Also, it was wonderful to see the Doctor laughing at being threatened by a bag. Peter Capaldi & Alex Kingston were delightful as they brought so much humour and versatility to their vocal tone and playful camaraderie. 

The Tardis scenes were electric and tense as the lighting was superbly done, with the shimmering flames and blue illuminations of the roundels. (Seeing that River had hidden alcohol in one of the roundels was hysterical!)

The character was Flemming was a marvelous guest to the story as he brought a slice of alien mischief.

Furthermore, Steven Moffat has continued to write beautiful dialogue for River and her rage at the Doctor not loving her rather mournful and beautiful use of describing the Doctor as the 'stars' and 'a sunset'.

But is the concluding scene, where the Doctor finally brings River to the Singing Towers of Dirillium. Everything about this last encounter is perfect; the glittering lights, costumes, Murray Gold's score being one of beauty and elegance, River's last words to the Doctor shows her vulnerability and hope that the Doctor will always be there.

Again, fandom is given another revelation, that this is when the Doctor gives River the sonic that we first saw in Silence of the Library. It was a moment of shock followed by an obvious time for that story to be rounded off.

With a sparkling chemistry between Capaldi and Kingston, funny supporting characters and a good old adventure story with a moving end, The Husbands of River Song is at the top of my favorite Christmas specials and Who episodes of all time!

Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy Christmas 2015 From!


A huge Happy Christmas from!

We hope you have a great few days, a great New Year, and a great time watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens (if you haven't seen it already!).

See you all in 2016! :D

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

New Forum for!

Hi guys & gals! I know I've been away for a very, very long time. Luckily the site has been updated every week or so by our lovely Winged Warrior with her great review posts, so thank you to her for that. I will be back soon hopefully, just a long-term side effect from illness that has interrupted my ability to blog! 

For now I've created a brand new & simple forum for everyone to use, away from your usual social media outlets, where you can chat about literally everything! Multiple categories for various topics are up, but if you want anything added specifically for your own geeky interests please let me know. I hope it's of use to some of you as much as the old forum used to be a few years ago. You can find it here:

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Agents of Shield Episode 10 'Maveth' review

The winter finale provides unlimited tension, chills, gripping moments and character fueled choices that take the team in uncharted depths. Maveth is a stunning representation of how many ambitious decisions has provided within this series. 

The episode begins with an attempted attack on Ward by Fitz as he sees an opportunity to end him for good. It almost heightens the unpredictability that anything could happen to our beloved characters.

A cameo from Rosalind eventually pushes Coulson into waking up and he makes it his mission to save Fitz, but is this just a moral mask to hide his true agenda?
Back on Earth, Mack takes charge as Director with grace and an inspiring respect for his people.

Elsewhere, Simmons cleverly escapes which allows the story to bring Andrew back into the mix again, it seems strange seeing him now because he still has this honesty and warmth to him that I can still feel........ But then later on when May goes looking for him, we find a few dozen Inhuman bodies which dwindle those feelings quite a bit.

Each team member brings something to the rescue mission; Hunter and Bobbi provide the humour, Lincoln is all with the logic and Daisy sticks with the loyalty for her team. I could clearly see May is still not herself and the damage that Andrew has done to her is evident and really sad to see, but it's right- truth in her emotional damage and pain.

We dive back onto the alien planet where Fitz finally locates Will which many layers of drama and hidden feelings that I think Fitz has but he's a better man to not let them drive the situation. But of course, Ward arrives and sticks the knife right in which provides the tension.

There is a wonderful concoction that Will and Fitz create to get back through the portal and leave Ward and his soldiers behind. It's only when this happens that the disturbing shocks come blasting into the story.

Fitz finds that Will has been dead since he saved Jemma and the creature that Ward has been searching for has taken his form; the grotesque bones and muscles were truly horrible!

The tension builds as Mack orders May to blow the Hydra base if they don't get out before the portal closes. More so, the music composition provided chills and my heart was pounding when Coulson actively chose to murder Ward by crushing his chest; the crunching of Ward's bones was particularly horrific.

Then BOOM- the base is destroyed and we get that heart grinding wait to see who comes out of the pod. I loved the slow motion sequence as one by one the team came striding out with relief on their faces.

There is debate when Jemma runs over to the pod; is she looking for Fitz or Will. Personally, I think she was looking for both and when she didn't seen any of them she lost hope. But she turned round, saw Fitz, obviously relieved and thankful for his return.

We have a lasting shot of Fitz looking at Coulson at the scene he just witnessed- this man who has been his friend and leader has made the choice to murder Ward when he could have just let him to die on the alien planet.

Clearly, we are going to be seeing a completely different man and it's something that is very intriguing and disturbing.

Still, there is one last twist that the writers wedge into the concluding scene- Ward has now been overtaken by the creature that Fitz thought he killed. Wherever the rest of the season takes us, it's going to be epic, full of drama, tension and I think a lot of blood. Pray for your favourite characters lives!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Doctor Who-Hell Bent review

I am boiling hot from jumping up and down too much, going crazy and geeking out to the maximum! 
Where to begin, well logically, let's start at the very beginning. The Doctor returns to the American Diner where we last saw him with the Ponds in the Impossible Astronaut. There he meets Clara, now before I saw the ending my theories were that this was another version of Clara who the Doctor had been outwardly seeking but no, it's the genuine article, except heartbroken... a lot.

Clara listens to his story and it starts on Gallifrey, where we revisit the barn where the Doctor slept as a boy in 'Listen' and returned in 'The Day of the Doctor'. At first I was unsure what the relationship was with the Doctor and the Time Lords, but then it became clear that the Doctor was angry at the High Council especially Rassilon who was expressively banished- quite right too! I liked seeing the soldiers lay down their weapons and side with the Doctor. Could this be a truce or peace?

After much discussion with the Time Lords and Sisterhood of Karn on the theories of the Hybrid, the Doctor's plan is revealed- he spent four and a half billion years so that he could access the Extraction Chamber and save Clara. This is an extremely powerful and determined Doctor who is not letting anything get in his way. Peter Capaldi is terrifying as he shoots the General and pulls Clara into the Cloister tombs- the biggest database in the universe. Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels!

More so, I was so surprised to realise that Clara was actually Clara, and not a hologram or a dream extraction. However, she is stuck between one heartbeat and the next- no pulse so technically still dead. Jenna Coleman gives us her greatest performance- her shock and bewilderment that the Doctor would spend over four billion years saving her because he has a duty of care, to keep her safe was mesmerising and extraordinary!

This is not the Doctor, as Clara states, "What happened to the Doctor"? It seems the Doctor hasn't really thought his plan through, he's been so hell bent on saving Clara that he didn't know what would happen afterwards. He grabs a new Tardis (nostalgia kicks in with the sight of the 60's retro interior) and thinks that by travelling to the end of the universe will restart Clara's heart.

It was magical to see this new dynamic between the pair; Clara is afraid of this Doctor, he shouts and has become limitless and reckless like her, almost letting time fracture. Another brilliant scene is the reappearance of Me.

She throws her Hybrid theories to the Doctor and it's here that we are allowed to contemplate that the Hybrid is two people, possibly the Doctor and Clara- half-human and Time Lord. It's a really clever idea especially when Missy was brought into why she brought them together!

Additionally, there are so many beautiful scenes with the Doctor and Clara- when they both realise that one of them has to forget one another, it's the Doctor and the last thing he wants to see is Clara smile. There is another before this when the Doctor says that they could just fly away and Clara responds with, " God, yeah". You can see their yearning to just put their arms up and say to hell with the universe, but this is their sacrifice, letting each other go so that the Doctor can move on.

It was amazing to hear the Doctor playing Clara's theme and seeing Clara's story end- she gets to become the Doctor in a way; she has a Tardis, companion in Me, immortality and her destination is Gallifrey. I have more stories to write! Clara Oswald deserves to live the adventures she's dreamed of because she's made this mad man the Doctor again, complete with velvet jacket and NEW SONIC!

Utterly moving, suspenseful, mind-blowing, incredibly sad, heartwarming and epic conclusion to the Impossible Girl!  Run, run you clever boy and be a Doctor! We'll be right there with you Doctor! See you around Clara Oswald!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Agents of Shield S3 E9 Closure review

Agents of Shield has come so far from that very first episode where it was clear the writers were holding their breaths and hoping that people would stick with the characters and stories within the Marvel universe.

'Closure' has to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. There were groundbreaking shocks; Ward murdering Rosalind in the most painful and sudden way, Coulson's hands now filled with her blood. Their peaceful dinner seemed too good to be true but I certainly wasn't expecting THAT!

This promotes Coulson's path for the entire story- taking down Ward after he puts it, he was the one who recruited him so everything that he has done is because of him. I don't think this is necessarily true because all Coulson ever did was make him a part of the family and Ward became a psychopath long before he met Coulson, but I see where his guilt is coming from, everyone aroun seems to die because they form a relationship with Coulson which Ward uses.

The ambition and intense unguided us through a thrilling component of exploring Ward's relationship with each of the original team members. I found this really refreshing and interesting, especially learning that Simmons liked Ward but knew that he was more interested in Skye was a comedic aspect in those dark scenes.

The story pumps into a find and destroy with Hunter and Bobbi being brought along, Mack being made acting director which gave him the chance to take a step forward and give that impressive speech to the secret warriors.
Every character is exposed and I felt like anything could happen to them once the team found that FitzSimmons had been kidnapped by Malick. Hearing Simmons scream as she was being tortured was really painful particularly when I saw Fitz clearly screaming inside at not being able to help her. 

But he proves his absolute dedication and love for her by going through the portal to bring back the Hydra creature that Malick wants so much. As the plot comes to a climax, we get given another shock as Coulson descends through as well, his vengeful mentality proving to be his only motivation.

I think the hero out of all of the team members and super powered beings has to be Fitz, all he's ever wanted is to be with Simmons and then another man comes between them and because Simmons admits that she loves Will, Fitz makes that his main priority to get him back for her. He is the true hero of this show and I pray that he does come back safe and alive. That one extraordinary line, "I don't think I'm strong enough to live in a world that doesn't have you in it", is truly stunning in how powerful and emotional it makes that scene so memorable.

This felt like a season finale level with every character given a crucial part in the plot, shocks that were utterly unpredictable and character moments that made me plead for the characters I love to survive and take down Ward for good, because I really hate this guy. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Doctor Who- Heaven Sent review

The Doctor is alone. But his bravery and wise words from Clara brings him home. Heaven Sent is luxuriously indulgent and absorbing. The visualization of the story is so artistic and creative; frozen flies, the Tardis lighting up and the Doctor underwater being only a minority of the many.

As the audience, we are given an introduction that is both intriguing and mystifying in seeing the Doctor really scared of this cloaked figure- the Veil. I found the lyrical narrative completely fascinating like melting cookie dough- soothing and delicious.

The plot leads to a really intricate crafting of timey-wimey loopholes that see the Doctor endlessly dying for billions of years, each time punching a hole through the azbantium which is blocking his way home.

I found this metaphor beautiful and definitely a perfect tool to seed into the explanation for the millions of skulls that were found. I can't even imagine how brutal and infinitely exhausting it must have been for the Doctor, and seeing his bloodied face and hands was very saddening.

Therefore, it's quite unpleasant to realise that that this was a cruel trap crafted by the Time Lords; the Doctor did save their entire planet in the only way to ensure their survival and they torture him like this. Murray Gold's score brought so much atmosphere that fitted each scene collectively. The harmonicas were so endearing and classical sound of the violins were beautiful.

The teasers about the Hybrid made that concluding revelation a spine-tingling moment where I gasped behind a cushion, my palms sweating and brain bouncing up and down at the sight of Gallifrey!

A spell-binding, tragic piece of storytelling from the magnificent Steven Moffat!