Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Supergirl Episode 9 'Blood bonds' review

It's a New Year and Supergirl is back!
This series has grown extensively in terms of the story arc and Kara's character. Blood bonds continues with Supergirl engaging in a fight with Non which causes Supergirl to swim in self-doubt.
The effects were highly commendable as Supergirl and Non both boomed into the floor, cracking the concrete around them. A catalyst had been drawn as Hank is kidnapped by Non in exchange for Astra.
With Astra's previous encounters, I hadn't felt like her presence had much weight to her threat factor but here her character demonstrates great conflict in wanting and believing.
Supergirl always proves she is a more layered and conflicted hero as she sees herself in Astra. Even the heroes can't always make the right choice.
It was great to see Alex become Director for a somewhat brief moment as we've only really seen one side of her- Kara's reliable and skilled sister.
Another development which had me gripped was when Kara says that she feels helpless because she feels like she's lost everything. There are certainly more layers to this hero when we first thought.
Also, James and Winn's secret mission was a comedic story that ran parallel to a more complex and political one. It's a shame it was over quite quickly but cleverly it led to the reveal that Maxwell Lord is really quite brutal and sinister in his motivations, and incredibly arrogant!
Cat has been at the core of Kara's evolution and it was delightful and surprising that she told Kara to reveal herself as Supergirl or leave her job. I find their relationship fascinating as Cat seems to want to nurture Kara but then can be quite cold and brutal.
As Kara gains strength from the support of Winn and James, she makes the decision to give Non what he wants. This leads to an epic trap which horribly kills most of the men of the US army.
 It was a satisfying conclusion that Astra wouldn't abide to a truce with Supergirl replying, "It's a start". There is so much more to discover with these two.
Then we find that Maxwell Lord is planning something dangerous and quintessentially menacing as a young girl opens her eyes to reveal something evil and powerful!

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