Thursday, 25 February 2016

Supergirl- Truth, Justice & the American Way review

This week's episode of Supergirl centres around Kara's moral compass. The show has wavered in its story arc and themes but I definitely feel that this episode includes a brilliant scene where James gives Kara an intervention about how Maxwell Lord deserves his basic human rights.

Kara also has to contend with a new assistant who I found selfish and really annoying but I've heard that she will be an opponent of Supergirl's later on so I hope that she takes down. 

I think that the writers need to start using Lucy more effectively as it seems that she only appears so she can argue with James.

The opponent was a really great villain as he felt more three-dimensional of than other villains and conflicted at killing the aliens because he admitted to respect Kara's dead mother on Krypton. 

Another strong element was Kara's conflict with Hank as it added a lot of subtext to what Supergirl would be like if she knew that it was her sister who killed her aunt.

I felt very satisfied with the conclusion as Kara has realized that she needs to become the symbol for what that 'S' means and show that her decisions are not always right .

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 "The Edge of Mystery" & "A Little Song and Dance" review

As the story arc is given more scintillating twists befitted with some delightful and scrumptious dialogue, Agent Carter succeeds in its rich film noir and takes great benefit from its characters.

We begin with Peggy planning to trade the uranium rods for Wilkes; it was a very tense moment and then he seems to have become quite 'desperate', as Sousa puts it and points a gun at her. I was genuinely shocked at how quickly Wilkes had been invaded by the zero matter.

As the tension mounts, Peggy insists that Jarvis stay with Ana but he doesn't listen and driven to extremes, shoots Whitney without a second thought. I loved how this conflict changed Peggy and Jarvis' friendship.

Jarvis admits his cowardice after Peggy enlightens him that he made a stupid mistake without thinking and that he doesn't have to suffer the pain of the losing a loved one. I admire Peggy's perspective on every situation that she find herself in.

The events allow Peggy and Sousa's relationship to be explored with some interesting subtext. Peggy is angry that Sousa divulged the rods location but when questioned if she could do let Sousa down, she couldn't answer him.

It felt strange that Wilkes was sucked into the zero matter and spat back out again. Why did he survive? Why was Wilkes the one to be 'chosen'? 

I enjoyed Whitney's evolution and her twisted view of sacrificing innocent people to get what she wants. Also, Peggy felt very lost and disconnected this time I think because the episodes were more focused on Whitney/Wilkes and Jack Thompson.

A Little Song and Dance's musical opener was so unexpected but delightfully vibrant and vintage. The sound and the choreography was adorable and I loved every minute. Everyone sung! I don't normally like musicals but I would be up for a full out Agent Carter musical.

However, I did feel that the second episode that there was too much focus on Thompson's ulterior motives as he seemed to be double-crossing everybody. I certainly hope that Peggy finds a way to stop him without resorting to murder.

I believe in Peggy and I trust that the writers will have a clever idea that brings the concluding part of the story back round to Peggy, who thoroughly deserves to be given the recognition that she has earned. Even though she won't require it or want it, that reason alone is why she should receive it.

I will now make up my own little boogie dance at how vibrant and unique this show is!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 "Life of the Party"/ "Monsters" review

Yowzah! Well, those episodes were bracing indeed. Us fans are treated to two fine episodes where the plot careers forward into surprising and emotional narratives.

The return of Dottie was immensely exciting, her role in Life of the Party brought a unique and conflicted relationship between her and Peggy. She seems to confidently tell Peggy that she likes her a lot but also retains a sense of self-indulgence.

Her task is to retrieve some of Whitney Frost's blood so the team can make Wilkes corporeal again.

Dottie thoroughly thrives on teasing Peggy and flirting with her as she knows how good she is. Her presence provides all sorts of comedy slices for Jarvis as he mimes an action plan to Peggy and quietly 'Aborts' the mission into his glasses.

There is much to explore with Peggy's private life as she desperately wants to help Wilkes but finds herself becoming further drawn to Sousa once he tells her that Violet calls off the engagement. But she doesn't respond in disrespect to Violet, she wholeheartedly feels responsible for their relationship breakdown.

With the return of Thompson, he is becoming ever more infuriating. He literally has no idea who he's working for anymore and is easily played by Vernon Masters. He needed to be there to show how unstable the SSR leadership is becoming but I find him quite dull. He's always thinking of himself and lying to be the hero when he doesn't deserve to have the gratification.

Whitney seems to have stirred into the ultimate villainous path as she kills her husband and most of the Council. Her motivations are clear but ever more twisted. It will be interesting to see her plans come to fruition.

Another development I thought was very clever was having Peggy physically restricted from her usual kick-ass qualms because it meant that she had to sit on the sidelines which conflicts with her need to be among the action.

Monsters is a striking and thrilling ride as Wilkes is made corporeal again providing a funny scene where he kisses Peggy and then on the way to rescuing Dottie, Jarvis brings up Peggy's love conundrum which was quite frankly a hilarious hoot of a scene. Lines like, "He was excited and I indulged him" and Sousa's beautiful eye remarks were simply great fun.

Running parallel to these scenes were Whitney's interrogation of Dottie. What was valuable about this scene was the expression of Dottie's humanity. All the time we have seen her she has been dynamic, efficient and confident, rarely has she shown any emotion.

The Council and SSR are now at Whitney's mercy and it seems valid, she certainly adds her addiction to zero matter and this fantasy of controlling the world to the danger spectrum.  This comes to a tense conclusion as Ana confronts her after she kidnaps Wilkes, Frost shoots Ana in the stomach after implying that she wasn't a "monster".

The event allows Jarvis's character to develop as his sudden change from comedian to terrified husband is astonishing and heartwarming. I felt a sense of guilt from Peggy as she seemed lost, dazed at what plan of action to take.

Sousa is also put into a difficult situation as Vernon Masters launches an attack on him after he reluctantly is instructed to recover the rods from Roxxon. 

The strength of this conclusion is Peggy's friendly gesture of holding Jarvis's hand as he waits to see if his wife lives or dies. They don't need to say anything to express their affection and admiration for one another.

With all the people around her broken or near to dying, I hope that Peggy uses her pain and anxious as a strength in finally bringing down Frost and saving the world.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Supergirl Episode 13 'The girl who has everything' review

Supergirl tells a clever and emotional story that provides some intriguing and shocking choices for the characters.

After last week's cliffhanger, Alex, Win and Jimmy find Kara has a Black mercy attached to her body that is creating a fantasy world in her mind. She's back on Krypton with her  family and a young Superman!

It created some interesting context into whether Kara wishes she would want to go back to Krypton.

The supporting characters are allowed to show their loyalty to Kara and there were some funny moments between Hank acting as Kara with Cat. There was a lot of tension but definitely some interesting avenues to take their relationship.

Alex decides to dive into Kara's mind to persuade her to reject this dream world and it was one of the most powerful and emotional sequences. Kara feels completely torn between wanting this world to be real but Earth has become her home and it feels particularly poignant when she resonates with what her sister is telling her.

Melissa Benoist delivers a great performance as Supergirl once she wakes up and takes some vengeful purposes on Non. Her pain is clear and the betrayal and hurt she feels proves how lost and alone Kara feel.

A shocking twist prevails as Alex kills Astra to stop her from killing Hank. After her persuading Astra to not kill her, it didn't feel like this is something Alex would do but does provide context for her feelings for Hank.

The concluding scene is rather sweet and provides some satisfaction for Kara to at least have a family that loves her and will stand by her whatever it takes. It will be fascinating to see how the sister relationship will change once Kara finds out who really killed her Auntie.

A layered, strong piece that provides a lot of context for hidden feelings that the characters are beginning to show.

Agent Carter Season 2 'Atomic Bomb' review

This latest episode features great development for the supporting characters to flourish. Atomic Bomb manages to further the plot with some hysterical pieces of dialogue, a shocking near death experience and some fantastic conflict.

Peggy and Jason realise that when he has contact with zero matter, he becomes temporarily corporeal again. Peggy and Mr Jarvis decide to steal Jane Scott's body so they make him solid again, only to find that Whitney and her husband have beaten them to it.

The British duo's antics are rather hysterical with some wonderful expressions after they witness Whitney absorb all of the zero matter. There is also another delightful role-playing from Hayley Atwell who is brilliant at those American accents.

For Sousa, his relationship develops when he asks Violet to marry him and it is refreshing to know that Peggy is sincerely pleased for him. This is why the show continues to expand and grow because the writers are always showing new sides to the characters.

It was rather lovely to see Rose get to see some action as she is just as capable from any of SSR agents to take on a mission. She does so with gusto, attitude and loyalty. 

As the story mounts to a climax, Peggy and Whitney finally fight against each other and Peggy falls straight through a metal rod. An entirely unexpected turn of events, the emotional impact was quite overwhelming as I was frantically gasping for Peggy's life.

The event does give Sousa and Violet's relationship more context as she sees he is much more invested in Peggy then she realised but what was great was that Violet was more upset that he hadn't been honest with her, in no way did she feel jealous of Peggy.

Also, there were chances for Mr Jarvis to show his heroic and brave side which was much needed as it's always welcoming to see different aspects of a character. The slow motion walk has to be one of my favourite scenes of all.

A jolly fun ride with brilliant context, plot development and classic spy action that entertained me immensely and made me despair over Miss Carter.