Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Supergirl "World's Finest" review

World's Finest pays tribute to two superheroes who are adorable and make a brilliant team! 
This was my first introduction to The Flash and I have to admit, he is really a refreshingly charming and adorable superhero in comparison to Batman and Marvel's Daredevil.

He is given a great introduction as he saves Kara as Siobhan tries to kill her with her new found powers. I loved it when The Flash was listing other DC characters and Supergirl had no idea who they were.

The story focuses on Siobhan understanding her powers, she discovers Livewire has the same desire to kill Supergirl so they both become a part of their own plans.

 I wasn't really that invested with the villains this week because I was having so much fun with Kara and Barry, but they did provide some entertaining action scenes and posed an admirable threat. However, that kind of dissipated when they were defeated by water hoses, but moving on.....

There was interesting sub-text in this episode when Supergirl asks for The Flash's help and he says they should make a plan, but Supergirl is adamant to take down Livewire & the Silver Banshee as quick as they can.

It relates to her fear of wanting desperately to protect the city and making sure they can't cause too much damage but that reckless thinking causes her to get knocked down badly by the opposition.

Additionally, it was really fun to see Cat giving Kara advice on trying to make James jealous and Winn geeking out over The Flash was quite funny. They would all make a giggly but fantastic team.

The title lives up its stature as Supergirl team up for one last round as Cat is kidnapped. When Supergirl absorbed the electricity to save the people in the Helicopter from being fried, it was a heartwarming moment when the people of the city formed a barrier between the villains and Supergirl. It proved that the Flash was right that they would begin to trust her again.

Admittedly, I was very saddened when the Flash departed because he has a similar personality to Supergirl which gave them engaging chemistry and he's smart, has cool powers and is kind and generous.

It has to be said that the cliffhanger was unexpected, but in a great way. Finally, Kara kissed James and then he was frozen. At first I didn't know what was happening but then he and others had turned into zombies and the evil Kryptonians revealed that they had activated 'Myriad', I was glad that this story arc was gearing up to the finale.

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