Friday, 15 April 2016

Agents of Shield 'Paradise Lost' review

Paradise Lost explores Lincoln and Malick's characters, an mysterious Kree orb is retrieved by Daisy and Lincoln, we discover the morality of Coulson's decision to kill Ward and the team needs the Secret Warriors to save them!

This episode conjures an interesting backstory for Malick as he sees Hive kill him in a vision and we discover he betrays his brother in their family tradition of blood sacrifice. I thought it was very clever for the episode to take another twist when Hive kills Malick's daughter to teach him about sacrifice.

However, I was confused when Hive started talking like Malick's brother. Is he just playing games or is he actually the brother that was lost, and if so how can he be the ancient Inhuman that Malick has been striving to bring back?

Anyway, a part from that I thought that the progression of Coulson exploring whether his decision to kill Ward was right and he admits that by killing Ward, Ward won, was certainly a positive element to the story arc. I think it was really great to put Coulson in this position and show some vulnerability and instability in his role as Director.

Also, it was really cool to see Daisy explode multiple landmines in a pose that looked awesome! I was fascinated to learn about the history of the Inhumans and the Kree orb. The idiot that was the Australian Inhuman was definitely used to bring some of Lincoln's past to the surface.

Finally, I actually found him interesting and it was effective to see Daisy tell him that someone on the team is going to die. Another part I felt was tense and exhilarating was the fight between May and Malick's right hand man. 

He is a really dangerous opponent and seeing the whole plane being taken down with some quick shots and slow motion sequences was really effective in creating the danger, tension and limitless safety of the team.

Hive was a strange addition to this episode as I'm still not quite sure what his goals are but the scientific explanation of what his powers actually do was interesting and really disgusting which makes him all the more fearsome.

The cliffhanger has to be my favourite part as Daisy says, 'Let's call them in' as Lincoln suggests the secret warriors are the only people who can save the team from Hydra. Secret Warriors unite!

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