Friday, 22 April 2016

Agents of Shield Season 3 'The Team' review

Season 3 enters a groundbreaking and compelling four story finale as Hive plans to form an Inhuman army to destroy humankind. 

The Team is the beginning of the Secret Warriors and the end of them apparently. The takeover of this new team was really thrilling to watch as each character really kicked some Hydra butt with their cool powers.

Daisy has a great line,' For one reason or another, we were each given a gift, let's put them to good use' was a really heroic moment for the Shield agent.

With the Shield team saved, Fitz/Simmons begins examining the Inhuman with the eye paralyzing power who has Hive's parasites embedded in his brain. I loved seeing these two back in the science environment and being themselves again.

It was fascinating to learn more about Hive's powers but also gross. Applause for the production team for making him truly unique in his grotesque ability.

Coulson now has Malick in his custody and asks for his help in stopping Hive. He is then killed and Fitz and Simmons are blasted by a bomb that was left by his body. All of the Inhumans are in the frame.

I felt particularly disheveled when Coulson told Mac to shut down the base because of them had been infected by Hive. I think the conflict between Shield and the Secret Warriors was very relevant and complex within the Marvel Universe.

There was still room to explore Fitz and Simmons relationship. Simmons anguish at not being able to help her friends makes her even more amazing and I thought the progression of their relationship took a lovely and heartwarming turn as Simmons says, 'Too fast, Fitz it's been ten years'.

They are both magnificent and I hope that they can have some happiness but with the fallen agent phrase embedded in the four part finale, I can't see much happiness to come.

For a moment I thought that Hive's parasites were causing everyone to pull on each other's weaknesses. They were such a strong team and to see them being pulled apart was difficult. I certainly thought it strange for Daisy to try and escape with her team. 

However, it is revealed that she brings them to Coulson and Lincoln is the one infected. But the twists don't stop there, Daisy asks him to leave with her and I couldn't understand why at first, she didn't seem in love with him to strand her Shield team.

All is revealed- Daisy is actually the Inhuman who was infected by Hive. It happened at the Hydra base just before she makes her way back to the team. Also, she killed Malick, his blood dripping from his eye sockets and mouth. I was truly gobsmacked and thought this development was extremely smart and compelling.

Chloe Bennett's performance really engaged me with how she played on how she has felt different from the Shield team since her transformation and truly believes that what Hive is doing is beautiful. That word in itself is quite disturbing.

The drama didn't stop there though. She steals the Kree orb and all of the Terragin crystals, framing Lincoln and then crumbling the Shield base with her powers. I felt so betrayed by her but couldn't help but be fascinated as to what she and Hive will do next.

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