Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Agents of Shield "Spacetime" review

Spacetime delves into the fourth dimension, visions of the future and moving developments for Daisy and May as Daisy jeopardizes her own life to save the life of an Inhuman, used as a pawn by Hydra.

The episode begins with an homeless man, an Inhuman who can show the person he touches a certain death from the future. A beautifully lyrical opening with the wooden robin. This provides subtext for this new character, is it for someone or a representation of someone he loves?

There is a great pace to the episode as the team immediately arrive on the scene, the man who knew Daisy is thrown into a war zone, Daisy doesn't even have time to save him as he's shot by Hydra.

They feel like an ever dangerous threat here as Hive sets his plans on taking over a company and giving Malick as sense of real power, killing the head of the company to give him some sort of higher status.

I loved the sequence where Daisy realises the homeless man is the Inhuman but is too late to save him. It was brilliantly directed with lots of great angled shots to emphasis the chaos.

Also, the conflict between the team and Fitz when he believes what Daisy saw cannot be changed allows room for the audience to feel anguish that he may be right but still hope that Daisy can save the new Inhuman.

There were some great comedic moments when Daisy orchestrates the team through how she saw her vision, each member slowly falling to the ground was hilarious. I think the slices of the May and Andrew thread that were placed in between the main plot was really effective because it made the reappearance of Andrew more surprising and out of character.

It meant that what Daisy saw actually came true although Coulson doesn't shot at her but at a mirror, Charles (Inhuman) is there to save her from Malick and the snow that falls over FitzSimmons is actually ash. I loved the Simmons line, "I think this is the part where we hold hands" was so adorable and romantic in amidst the amount of death and fire.

I think this episode was a fantastic exploration for Daisy because she has to tackle her own insecurities about whether she is unstoppable and follow this desired path that she seems to be leading into. Her powers seem to be a design for something which is really interesting.

Another effective aspect was May and Andrew finally discussing everything that has happened and conclusively, I did wish that he could have been cured because yes, he did kill people but even he felt like it was for a reason. 

In the end though he did the right thing by handing himself in to say goodbye to May, I felt very moved when I saw his last shred of humanity just disappear, I could in May's face as well, she was utterly destroyed emotionally.

Spacetime explores how and if futures can be changed, there was action, deep emotional scenes, comedy, twists, romance and a lovely theme of the robin that gave Charles the new Inhuman an important weight to the story. 

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