Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Agents of Shield Season 3 Absolution review

Absolution provides a strong and multi-layered finale to what has been an incredible season. 

Instantly, we are right in the middle of Shield's plan to defeating Hive. Shield and the Inhumans finally worked together to momentarily stop the warhead and contain Hive.


I really loved the layers and little twists to this story. The use of the jacket and necklace being laced around to keep us guessing who the fallen agent was very a literal way to keep us engaged.

Also, I think that Daisy's battle with the guilt and pain she feels was a way to keep her separate from the mission and I liked seeing the tormented side to her. It makes her decision to fulfill her so called destiny as a way of fixing her mistake.

Hive has been one of the most complex villains the show has had, as he believes that turning every human into primitives is somehow peace, which is kind if disturbing. It was a nice progression of events to see him experience all of his victims memories at once.

The siege of the base was a perilously tense and dramatic aspect to the finale as it allowed the team to be separated and it emphasized the terror of the primitives. 

Daisy asking Hive to infect her again gave me a new perspective on their connection as I'd never seen the infection being an addiction before. The fight between them was really dynamic, directed really creatively and was gripping. I could really see the desperation on Daisy's face.

I wasn't too sure who the fallen agent would be at first as I thought that Daisy sacrificing herself would have been too predictable and it certainly wouldn't have made sense for Mack to fall.

Therefore, I think it was the most logical and satisfying end to the season that Lincoln was the one to sacrifice himself. I wasn't really invested into his death in an emotional way but seeing him and Hive float contentedly that they were about to die was a moving sequence.

Fast forward six months later, Daisy is now Quake and got a cool makeover, Fitz is working with Ratcliff and Coulson has stepped down as Director. Maybe we'll see May sitting in the Director's chair in season four?

Season 3 has been full of new allies, aliens, farewells, reunions, deaths and major character developments. With Daisy now rogue and the team having a whole new dynamic, I look forward to fresh and engaging stories in season four!

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