Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Agents of Shield Season 4 'The Ghost' Review

Finally, the fourth season for Marvel's Agents of Shield is here and the inclusion of Ghost Rider allows the darker tone to lift the series and its characters to fresh, complex and exciting avenues.

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The team has been divided which allows their own stories to breathe and explore what has been happening to each of them. The decision to move the show to a 10pm slot was a smart move as the darker and sometimes, disturbing aesthetic creates a raucous viewing experience.  

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Daisy introductions felt overtly strange to portray her sexuality in such an instance where there was no reason for it to be there as the show has perfectly shown Daisy is more than capable of showing her sexuality in a healthy and positive way. This felt quite forced as if the show was trying to make a statement about how the character has become darker, even though the audience can see this already.

Moving on, the darker themes have not only resided around Daisy but Shield itself feels weaker, almost ruptured in its absence of what the mission actually is anymore. Coulson and Mac are tracking Daisy but Yo-yo is feeding her information which is how Daisy has been able to be one step ahead.

It was comforting to see Simmons and Fitz again but even their relationship feels strained as Simmons has now been promoted to a more senior role. Personally, Radcliffe is a character who doesn't seem to have a role to play as it is clear that he cannot be trusted and his disturbing creation of a robot- AIDA which could be Shield's protector, or 'Shield' felt very suspicious, but it will be interesting to see whether Fitz decides to help him or tell Simmons. 

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It made me very happy to see that Shield is beginning to use virtual realities to aid them in their missions and it is hoped that May will be given an exciting and darker story this season. This may prove true with a mysterious box that was the home to a supposed ghost that passed through her. Also, it looked a lot like it was using zero matter to infect or subdue its victims. Could she be infected? 

Daisy's confrontation of the Ghost Rider was fueled with adrenaline and he seems to share similarities to Daisy. He has attachments and explains that the Ghost Rider decides who deserves to die, which are mainly people who manipulate, are  killers and liars and hold secrets. 

Conclusively, the opening to season four certainly achieved a statement that the show is heading down darker paths. The Ghost was compelling, bloody, disturbing and a whole lot darker. 

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