Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Agents of Shield Season 4 'Meet the New Boss' review

Meet the New Boss blends individual stories with an exciting fantasy idea that feels unique and layered with mystery. When a new series begins again and the first episode is out of the way, there is an uncertainty of whether the audience can begin to see how the story is going to be shaping out. Here, the writers had given us a psychological story arc that sets to resolve around how the ghost rider decides on who gets to live and who dies.

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Coulson is having to deal with the ramifications of his decision to step down as Director and in this episode he is clearly undecided as to whether it was the right decision when he is restricted from how May and Daisy are going to be handled.

Connecting with this, it was brilliant to witness May getting to tackle a really disturbing story with the 'ghost' infection causing her paranoia and an obsessive tendency to find whoever has been infecting people.

Ming-Na Wen excelled at the build up of tension and burst of anger and hopelessness. Daisy's journey is becoming more interesting as she feels compelled to repent after Lincoln's death by helping as many people as possible. The Ghost Rider's way of dealing with criminals, liars and murderers etc seems to intrigue her as she asks the question of whether powered people should have the right to decide who to punish and how.

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One geeky highlight was seeing Simmons and Fitz debate what the invisible technology is likely to be and the conflict between how Fitz feels towards Daisy and her departure was compelling because you're given a glimpse of how Fitz feels about her leaving and how this has affected him.

Lastly, as the ghosts multiply they became even more gripping to watch as they talk about a book and killing who caused them to become ghosts in the first place. With the reveal that the ghost rider was the one who caused their incorporeal state, the story has just been ripped open further as the audience asks more questions about who these people were and what they have done to cause the ghost rider to exact vengeance.

Season four continues to raise complex and compelling questions, complete with some adventurous action scenes and unique fantasy elements that make this series feel richer and darker.

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